October 10th, 2003

dance centipedes vagina


Hum de hum. A couple hours before we have to set off for the temple and I'm sitting here eating bananas and twiddling my proverbial thumbs. I was hoping to get some sleep last night but a couple of medical issues and whozits made that a moot point. So instead I'm just tinkering around with my MP3 player and online. I was listening to the audiobook of harry potter and the goblet of fire. I have all four of the books on the player and a good dozn and a half other audiobooks (as well as my entire collction of musicals, music, and disney albums) on the thing. It's one of th best purchases I've made in recent memory. 140 dollars and it has a 20 gig hard drive, an internal 9 hour battery, and a good USB connection.

As for the online portion of my entertainment, not a whole lot is going on at the moment. The boards are nevr very interesting at this time of day, with few people posting. Maybe I should just go off and play a game of warcraft on battlenet. That should suck up at least a hour or so.
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