November 13th, 2003

dance centipedes vagina

Still tired...

Well, I've left new orleans. The flight was actually at 6am this morning but I spent most of the day here in jersey unconcious trying to catch up on sleep. I had decided to check out of my hotel the day before to save some cash and ended up wondering around the french quarter all night until the flight. Blech.

I ended up taking a crap load of pictures that I won't be able to put up until I get back to chicago. It features the Wall of Otters, the jello shot syringe action photo, and a lot of generic boring tourist crap. There's too much to relate at the moment and I doubt most of you give a rat's patootie anyway about it. I'm thinking about going back to bed right now and finish catching up on my sleep. Just to answer some common questions:

1) Did you see boobies?

1. No. There were some people flashing on the last night but it wasn't a common thing and I wasn't exactly waiting around for people to overcome inertia and just do it. I also didn't visit any strip clubs while I was there so no boobies. On a sidenote, a friend did see some guy drop trou and wave it around but that was about it.

2) Did you drink?

2. Ya, I gave it a shot. Not impressed. Was pretty crappy. Maybe I simply didn't down enough but I don't think I'll be giving that a try again anytime soon. I had a frozen hurricane, 3 jello shots, 1 hand grenade, 1 shot of something or other and all it did was screw with my balance a bit. No euphoria, no sedation, no notta.

3) Did you see anyone puke?

3. No. Thank God. Bourbon street was still a sewar though.

I figure anything more specific can wait until I feel a little more rested and talkative.
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dance centipedes vagina


Kinnie's (Yes, it's probaly something pathological but I persist in thinking of people based on their nicks even after I learn their real names and I almost never manage to make the switch over. At best I use the two names semi-interchangably but I'm always more comfotable with the first one I knew them by) comment to the previous post got me thinking. I picked up quite a few knick-knacks while in new orleans and only 1 set of beads. They're darn spiffy with large alligator heads on them and I figure since I didn't see boobies I could give it another try. If anyone would like to obtain these spiffilicious alligator beads, then you simply have to send me your boobie shot. A bonus will be included if you have a webcamera or digital video recorder and manage to make it an action shot with some jiggling. First come, first serve.

On a sidenote...

Mmmmmmmm, false hope. Just as unsatisfying and unrequitted as real hope but with less effort involved.
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dance centipedes vagina


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I guess only kinnie adds any excitement whatsoever to this list. I'm pretty sure I didn't hug any of the people I met. I'm not a hugger by my book it just lets someone in close enough so they can pull out their knife and shove it into your guts. Something to be avoided if at all possible.
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