December 6th, 2003

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The emotional maturity of an eight year old

I seem to have missed some giant chunks of my emotional development. I'm not sure where I went awry but there you are. What can you do about it now when you find out almost 20 years later that your emotional development arrested and never managed to proceed along. What made me realize this is Love Hina. For those of you that have no clue what love hina is, it's an anime based on a manga. I had seen all the episodes of the anime and loved it to death, and I had just managed to download a complete translated copy of the manga and have been going through that. The basic plot is this:

Urashima Keitaro is a failure. He's been trying to get into Tokyo U, for which there is no american comparrison. Getting into harvard is a cakewalk by comparrison if that gives you any idea. He's been trying for three years but his grades chomp and he repeatedly failes the entrace exam. So why is he putting himself through this? He has this memory of when he was a kid when he was playing with this girl and he remembers that they made a promise to one another that one day they would meet at Tokyo U and be happy. So ever since he's been shooting for this one goal because of a promise made when he was probaly 4 years old or something.

He becomes the manager of a girls dormatory (which was previously a hot spring owned by his grandmother) where he meets Narusegawa Naru, someone who's also trying to get into Tokyo U. He thinks that she might be the girl from his memory and of course there are all sorts of whacky little adventures but what the core of it is, is that their relationship is completely dysfunctional. She's constantly beating the snot out of him and thinks he's a pervert and he's always placed into these awkward situations.

So what's dysfunctional you might ask? I find it adorable. It's so sweet it almost makes me want to choke when I think about it. I find myself thinking things like 'if only...' and gads, even I know that's ridiculous. I've aparently never managed to emotionally mature pass the stage where you run around pulling the hair of girls you like and this whole insane and juvenile crap. In all of these stories that I find to be perfect romances from books I've read and whatnot, it's always founded in conflict. In characters who end up bickering with one another, neither able to admit their feelings and instead channeling that energy into irking the hell out of whoever they like. I swear to God I'm a fucking eight year old.

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dance centipedes vagina

This might explain a lot...

Study links light drinking, brain shrinking

Research also discounts alcohol's stroke prevention benefit

DALLAS, Texas (AP) -- Low to moderate drinking may cause a loss of brain tissue in middle-age people, a study found.

The researchers also found that such alcohol consumption does not lower the risk of a stroke -- contradicting findings from previous studies.

"I think this is an interesting study because people talk about the beneficial effects of alcohol intake on cardiovascular disease and they try to extend that to stroke," said the study's lead researcher, Dr. Jingzhong Ding, a research associate at the Bloomberg School of Public Health at Johns Hopkins University in Baltimore. "Some studies find beneficial effects, but ours didn't."

Heavy drinking is known to raise the risk of both brain atrophy and stroke, but findings on the effects of low to moderate drinking have varied.

The new study appears in Friday's issue of the American Heart Association journal Stroke.

It moves doctors a step closer to understanding what amounts of alcohol are harmful, said Dr. Edgar J. Kenton III, a professor of clinical neurology at the Thomas Jefferson University in Philadelphia.

Ding and his colleagues evaluated 1,909 patients, ages 55 and older, from North Carolina and Mississippi who were participants in a study on the buildup of plaque in the arteries. Researchers used information collected between 1987 and 1989 and followed up every three years until 1995.

Using magnetic resonance imaging, or MRIs, researchers measured the patients' ventricular and sulcal areas -- voids of the brain containing only cerebrospinal fluid. Increased ventricular and sulcal size indicates a reduction in brain tissue, or atrophy.

The findings showed that both voids grew larger the more people drank.

Ding said researchers cannot make a definitive cause-and-effect link between drinking and brain atrophy because the MRIs were done only once during the study and because they found only a small reduction in tissue.
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dance centipedes vagina


Look at the baby porky's! It makes me wish porky was still a puppy and not an overstuffed sausage. She's so adorable.

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