December 19th, 2003

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Home, home on the range

Back home again. Back to the crappy keyboard whose 'n' key and 'e' keys tend to stick, driving me absolutely batty. Each time I'm back here I promise myself I'm going to do something about that fucking keyboard on of these days but it's always shoved into the closet the minute I leave. Fucking keyboard.

So, what to do, what to do.

I guess I should visit the malls. I need to pick up a few things for presents. The problem is I never know where the sales are in brick and mortar stores. Ask me where to get the cheapest and best whatchamacallit online and poof, easy. Within two shakes I have coupons and discouts and whatever. It's hard to believe that you might actually have to go to and wander through an entire store somewhere just on the offchance you find something interesting. No wonder I hated shopping before the internet came along.

I also need to get my cell phone repaired. Those farging bastards I shipped it to to fix it replaced the antenna but managed to break something even more important. The darn thing won't even turn on anymore. Son of a bitch.

I also need to take a few nice pictures of the dogs so I can put a nice representative picture of them in those frames I grossly overpayed for in New Orleans. I also seem to have forgotten the connection to the computer for my canon at home which means I can't upload any pictures while I'm here which is going to suck ass. This just bites all around. I could probaly get a replacement but end up paying an arm and a leg for something I'll only need for a few days tops.

Hafta get in touch with Brian while I'm back here. See what he's up to recently and see if we can get together. Things didn't work out the last time I was in joisey and I haven't seen him since his wedding I think.

Have to keep Allzpalz from jersey. There's too much border to defend so I'm going to need some more up to date intel in order to plan the operation. Can't allow her to set foot on our native soul and befoul it.

Lots to do.
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dance centipedes vagina

Send in the wankers

And John Kerry is the biggest fuckup of all. I haven't seen someone this smary and slimy since...since...I don't know any politician worse. The guy's a schmuck. It's very easy to believe that he has no character or belief he's not willing to sacrifice in the assheaded belief he can capitalize on the way the wind was blowing. He's spent all this time scrambling trying to mirror Dean in screaming of his anti-war credentials and then the minute saddam is captured he flips, and the flops. What a sleezeball. Regardless of how you feel about the views of any of the candidates, at least they're generally consistant. Kerry's just pathetic and he's rightly going to get burried. Fucker can't even get votes in a state next door.
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dance centipedes vagina

Current Music sucks ass

WTF is with the current music thingie on entries? It pisses me off that they just assume we're all listeing to music. What kinda crap is that? I'm almost never listening to music and I don't like feeling that I should be. Damn RIAAA and their peer pressure music pushers. At the very least it should let you select an option. Maybe, what tv show are you watching, or what book are you reading, or even what webpage you're currently visiting. In the realms of audio entertainment, with the exception of musicals and certain kids whozits, audiobooks are much more spiffy than music.
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