December 27th, 2003

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Damn treacherous Canadians

U.S. thinks infected cow came from Canada

It's just as we all should have suspected. Who would be dastardly enough to sneak a cow into the US infected with mad cow in an attempt to ruin the beef industry? Canada. The evil empire to the north. It's time we put my plan into action. I figure we pull a division from Iraq, or maybe just arm the salvation army or something and invade canada. I figure complete and total victory will take a day or two tops. Afterwards, each american citizen gets a plot of land up there (not that it'll be worth much other than as a source of ice cubes) and a canadian slave, while supplies last. Those floppy headed, reindeer humpers have gone too far. This one's for Bessie!

How to identify if your cow has been infected
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