March 9th, 2004

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Revamping the death penalty

So this actually started as a comment reply from a entry in stinky's journal here. I realized I had gone on a bit too long for a single comment so I just made it an entry instead. I think it's a pretty spiffy idea. I'm just not sure who I should pitch it to....the AG?

If we simply streamlined the execution system, then criminal justice wouldn't cost so much. Instead of housing each inmate at the cost of something like 40,000 dollars a year, we simply beat them to death with whatever's handy. Even shooting them has got to be much cheaper. How much does a bullet cost anyway? I know the Nazi's used to line people up so that each bullet would kill more than one person, but that's taking cheap to the extremes. I don't think I'd even mind if you needed 10 or so bullets per person. Just make sure you get the job done. It'd probaly still cost less than a buck a prisoner. Sure, there are costs for guns and hiring people to shoot the guys and maybe those little paper target thingies so the guards could practice and not waste bullets during show time....but regardless, it has to be cheaper than locking them up.

The first thing we need is death row spring cleaning day. Over all this time the number of people executed probaly only make up 5% tops compared to the number of people on death row. I woudln't be surprised if more people have croaked on death row from natural causes than have been executed. So we march them all out on national death row spring cleaning day and womp each one. How long could it take? I figure 3 minutes or so per execution. If you manage to get into a good rythum this could easily include the time it takes to drag them out, shoot them, and reload for the next. You can just stack the corpses along a wall or in a pit or something until you finish so that you don't break the cycle. Hmmm.... Some states have hundreds of people on death row though so even if it goes quickly we might need to make this death row spring cleaning week instead of day. Still, it would certainly clean things out and give us a fresh start.

Now, I'm not arguing that everyone on death row should be immediately killed. Some of them haven't had their first appeal yet. I figure the ones who haven't had their appeal will be spared until they get one, and then we could kill them unless they win. No more crap like 10 appeals per prisoner with all sorts of bullshit motions that clog up the system. You get your one mandatory appeal and if you lose that we mulch you the next day. That is how the system should work. Not only that, the use of the death penalty could be expanded to all most murders and other crimes including narcotics trafficing and the like. Just think of all the money we could save. I'm sure the prison population would shrink and we could even close down a few prisons instead of building more. Maybe they could turn old prisons into renevated schools or something.
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Fucking morons

$1 million bill leads to arrest

Tuesday, March 9, 2004 Posted: 5:48 PM EST (2248 GMT)

COVINGTON, Georgia (AP) -- A Georgia woman who tried to use a fake $1 million bill to buy $1,675 worth of merchandise at Wal-Mart was arrested, and police later found two more of the bills in her purse.

The U.S. Treasury does not make $1 million bills, but similar-looking currency is sold in some souvenir shops. The fake bill featured a picture of the Statue of Liberty, police said.

"It looks real, but of course there's nothing real about this," said Stacey Cotton, police chief in Covington, about 30 miles southeast of Atlanta. "People do crazy things all the time."

A store clerk immediately noticed the bill was fake when 35-year-old Alice Regina Pike handed it to her on Friday, Cotton said.

Pike then tried to use two gift cards worth only $2.32 to buy the merchandise, but when that did not work she again asked to cash the $1 million bill, Cotton said. The store then called police.

Pike was jailed on forgery charges. A woman who answered the phone at the jail said she did not know if Pike has a lawyer.
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