April 25th, 2004

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Just got back from the games night at oatmeal's place. It was pretty much the usual suspects: Trip, Candie, Kitty, Frig, Oatmeal, and Me. We ended up going for around 8 hours, playing a variety of games, some of which I had never even opened before yesterday when I dug them out to make sure I was going to understand the rules enough to explain them to other people.

Games played:

Buffy the Vampire Slayer
-I, of course, played evil and managed to kill all the goodygoodies in fairly short order. Buffy was the first one to get womped and that pretty much solved that. Frig was playing buffy and I'm not sure he had payed much attention to the rules, which might explain why he charged in to fight the Big Evil and his minions all alone.

Killer Bunnies
-I actually took the time to integrate the two expansion packs of cards that I've had forever but never shuffled into the main deck. It was the smoothest running game we played thanks to the basic rules though I still don't like the randomness of winning. It seems like kind of a crock when you've managed to collect the most carrots but the random selection of the magical carrot screws you out of a win. We ended up trying this one twice and I think oatmeal picked up the win in the first game and no one won the second.

-I was really disapointed by acquire. I had some sense of hesitation based on my initial read of the rules and it was every bit as wonky as I had imagined. It's hard to figure out exactly how the strategy of the game should work, since from what I could figure, you're better of holding the companies being acquired rather than the company doing the acquiring....which dosen't make much sense to me. Since the increase in size of company to cost per share is not linear, and is instead exponential, the larger company seems to get screwed bigtime. The amount for majority/minority shareholder in the acquired company far outweighs the gains in the acquiring company of getting larger. I can't help but think this would be a far better game if I could just work out some house rules. I'll send some time searching the net later and try to confirm the game is played as we played it, and whether anyone else has had any ideas how to make it more 'sensical'. Oh, and candie one this one. But I'm pretty sure she was stealing money from the bank so it dosen't count. She's a sneaky one.

Settlers of Catan
-This was the last game we tried for the night and it went over pretty well despite a lot of whining and complaining about how complex the setup was looking. It was slow going in the beginning and took some amount of handholding, but by the end things began to pick up. Everyone was picking up their own resource allotment and keeping up with the speed of the game. Just when we were near the end of the game however, people decided they were too tired and wanted to quit. Pansies. This led to a final victory point count and candie and I tied at 9, with the goal to win being 10. Since this game went over so well, I'm thinking of brining the expansions next time and adding more complexity to the game. I have both the cities and knights of catan, which I've played once, and the seafarers of catan, which is still shrinkwrapped. I guess I could just toss caution to the winds and try to run the next game with both expansions, but I think we should babystep this one. If that goes well, the next game is puerto rico!
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'Latest Posts' Disapointment of the Day

Ever look through the latest posts thing and see a blog that you just KNOW would be perfect for mocking and it turns out to be friends only? I was just browsing and ran across this wankjob's journal anorexic_dreams. The name and the picture just screams entertainment and it's a pity I can't be there to metaphorically jump up and down on this person. Feh. Woe is me.

Here's the Bio: "control, it is all about control. i must get back onto that path of rightiousness, the path that leads towards the shining light, the path of worship. the irony lies in that which cannot be told, it lies in my lack of truth, i do not believe in gods. my deity of worship is ana."

Sometimes life just isn't fair. This would've been a lotta fun.
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Acquire Fix

Here's what I found:

A minor weakness in Sid Sackson’s game Acquire is the payoff structure. If a player is not involved in at least one of the first two or three mergers, they will be forced into last place due to lack of money, while the other players purchase all the stocks. Then when that person finally gets money all the stocks are bought and it is nearly impossible to ever become a majority holder.

By slightly altering the payoff structure, no one ever gets shutout and you will typically have all players within $10,000 at the end of the game. The way it works is that the top 4 shareholders will get paid if they own stock, instead of just the majority and minority holders. The majority holder bonus stays the same according to the information card. The second place holder gets 75%, third place gets 50%(which is the old second place), and fourth place gets 25%. If two stockholders have the same number of shares, the normal game rules apply, being that the bonuses are added together and divided. Round any resulting bonuses up to the nearest $100 if necessary.

This variant makes for a tighter; more nail biting, more realistic Acquire than you have ever seen. It is also more realistic to lie out all your stock so everyone can see them. In real life you have to report all your large stock holdings anyway. Plus it makes the strategy of the game more pure, rather than trying to guess who has what.

Other than the fact that I would call it a MAJOR weakness of the game, I pretty much concur with everything this guy said. I found someone who created a pdf that looks like the acquire reference sheets but with the new payoff schedule and I've printed out a nice color copy. I think I'm going to insert it into the game and see how it goes with the new changes. It should make for a far better game IMO though we'll have to test it next time to be sure.
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I can't belive tommorrow is monday....

What a day....

I didn't get to bed until 5:30 this morning and as a consequence managed to sleep through my alarm that rank continuously for over a hour and a half. I only managed to wake up when Chau called me on a cell phone and I heard it in the other room. For some reason, I'm now attuned to the simpson's stonecutter song (my ringer) so that it jerks me upright even if it's going at a whisper. I had planned to get up around 8:30, take a hour to shower, dress, and get ready. Instead, I woke up 40 minutes before I had to be at the wedding and freaked. I was told by someone (OATMEAL!!!!!) that the boat would leave the port at exactly 10:30am and I was terrified of being left on shore. I leapt out of bed and threw on my clothes, consisting of the one suit I had brought with me to chicago and that I have not worn in over 4 years. The same with the shirt, tie, and dress shoes, the latter of which had what seemed like a centimeter of dust on them that made them look brown instead of black. I scrambled down the stairs in a panic, managing to forget my camera and having to race back up to retrieve it. I didn't even get a chance to brush my hair before I left the apartment and had to have chau bring one down with her when I went to pick her up.

The drive to navy pier was pretty frenzied as you can imagine, but I managed to get there with plenty of time to spare. I did, however, manage to lose my tie somewhere along the way, and failed to find it until hours later (it had slipped over my car seat and my frenzied search of the car somehow overlooked it). Trip, candie, and frig were all there at the bottom of the gangplank when Chau and I got there and things generally went smoothly from there on. We waited momentarily for oatmeal, but it turned out she was a no-show. I ended up leaving multiple voice messages for her but she never got back to me. I hope that everything's okay and maybe she just wanted more beauty sleep or something else minor came up. It turned out that I was on the 2nd page of the guest list under 'henwy, but the person checking the guest list didn't have a page 2. We sorted it out in pretty quick order though if necessary, I was more than willing to claim I was 'beef' or if absolutely necessary 'wooman'. So, though oatmealless, we boarded the Odessey and commenced with the wedding adventure.

Everything was fabulous. The ceremony was first and took perhaps 15-20 minutes or so. If I recall correctly, the super-passwords were 'Covenant', 'Christ', 'Compassion', and 'Children'. We discussed later that the secret 5th word should have been 'Cthulhu' given that it fit the 'C' word theme and considering who was getting married. The ceremony went over pretty well and I managed to get a few nice pictures despite the fact that someone tall obscured a lot of my shots. I ended up taking quite a few pictures through the course of the cruise and I'll be popping them up for perusal at some point. I'm just not sure I have the energy at the moment to handle all of that work.

So a quick summary:

-Candie, in a fit of impish spitefulness, told trip a big vat of something was mashed potatoes, though it looked like nothing of the sort. He ended up adding giant dollops of some sort of flavored whipped butter to the center of his plate, that covered/touched the rest of his food.
-I don't know what that particular slice of meat (not the ham) was called but damn that was good eatin'.

-It was very windy out there on Lake Michigan today....mmmm, BRISK!
-Had a lot of nice conversations with spooks and the mrs after I finished offering my congradulations. It seems they're both coming to Gencon in August, and some of their relatives too. If we get a few more sissies, it could be quite a pow-wow down there.
-Took a lot of scenary shots as the cruiseship went up and down the coast.
-I never did find the farging clown making balloon animals. Very disapointed.

-Gah, too rich for me. I had one of those chocolate covered strawberries and was sure I was going to go into hyperglycemic shock. I stuck with the fruit at that though the others seemed happy enough with the cakes.

-Passed. Didn't see any of the other sissies strutting their stuff either.

Afterwards the party wasn't over yet. We all decided to go off to Dave and Buster's where madkitty joined us and we had some fun blasting the hell out of each other in battletech and playing other games. I traded in all my points for a GIGANTIC blue and green dragon. He's at least 3 and a half feet tall and spiffykeen. I also won some other knickknacks and gave one of them to candie. It's been a full full weekend and I don't want it to be monday tommorrow.

Update: I've got all the pictures uploaded. Do I hear any bribe offers to make them avaliable? Going once...going twice...
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