April 26th, 2004

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Wowwy, it's like stepping out of a timewarp

Well, I finally just got into the lab a few minutes ago and it feels like I've been gone for weeks. I ended up getting around 12 hours of sleep and man did I need it. I was running on empty the past few days....actually, less than empty and if I didn't recharge my sleep clock soon I was pretty sure I was going to keel over and die. I made a quick pitstop on my way to the lab and picked up one of those chicken mealdeals from KFC. Lori and I had been talking about how we were both craving some KFC a week or two ago and I thought since I was going to be late as fuck anyway getting in, I might as well grab something that we'd all enjoy. My hope is nothing makes lab meetings go faster than a bucket of chicken and the fixin's and if I'm wrong, hey, at least there's still a bucket of chicken and the fixin's.

As for the rest of the day, the only thing I have on my agenda is the lab meeting. I also have to try to find a mutually acceptable time to meet with my advisor at some point to go over the data I've collected, but it certainly won't be today. That makes the prime mission of the day recovery and relaxation from the weekend. The grind can start again tommorrow when I'm feeling more up to it.
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Erk...should I?

I'm thinking of buying $130 worth of games when I only just spent around 170 the week or two before. My game wall is now 3-4 feet long, 3-4 feet tall and a foot and a half wide. I can't be absolutely certain of this but I'm pretty sure I have more games in shrinkwrap and unplayed even once than those I have played. If not, the number's damn close. Not to mention that I'm currently without any form of income and haven't gotten payed (and am unlikely to ever again) since september. At least these games usually have a high resale value if I ever need to sell them one day for kraft macaroni and cheese or ramen noodles.

Here's what I'm thinking about buying right now:

Axis and Allies - Revised Edition Avalon Hill Strategy War
I won a copy of Axis and Allies: Europe last year at gencon but I've wanted to pick up the basic version for a while now. They just released this revised edition earlier this month with new pieces, new rules, and basically just made it all better. I want, I want. I dunno when I'll actually get a chance to play....but when has that stopped me before.

Diplomacy Avalon Hill Strategy War Party
I played this for the first time at gencon last year and was kinda disapointed in it. It was, however, a fabulous game for groups of people who all know one another, though I imagine it's also the kind of game that causes week long grudges, and if played the wrong way, table overturning fist fights. It's like playing Survivor the home game almost. Everyone's making deals and being twofaced about it. I want this to try at the next sissy game night. I think it would be hilarious frankly.

Dungeoneer - Vault of the Fiends Atlas Games Card War
This is just some random game that struck my fancy along with the expansion set. I guess if I had to whittle things down, this would be a pretty easy one to cut. I have no experience with it nor do I know anyone who does. The description just seemed peachy keen.

Dungeoneer 2 - Tomb of the Lich Lords Atlas Games Card War
See above.

Lunch Money Atlas Games Card Party
Lunch Money. The card game that sissyfight was based off of in good part. I wanted this for the sissy game night even though I really don't like the card game much. I first played it a few years ago and it just didn't DO it for me. The play was sorta obnoxious and no one could remember what all the damn cards did so it was a constant passing of the instructions from hand to hand. Still....

Lunch Money Sticks & Stones Atlas Games Card Party
Expansion for lunch money just came out recently. I figure if I'm getting the original I would be obligated to pick up the expansion as well. It might actually make the game I remember better. Weirder things have happened.

Ninja Burger
From the creator of Munchkin. You play a ninja who runs around trying to deliver burgers in 30 minutes or less. The reviews I've read all seem to state that this is a better game than munchkin, mechanicswise. Seeing as I love munchkin, I almost don't see how I could go wrong with this pick....I think. And really, who dosen't love ninjas and burgers.

Alrighty, your mission if you choose to accept it is to talk me into buying these games. Tell me how you'd be happy to come over and play them with me and how they will bring years of joy and happiness far in excess of their purchase price, a few measely dollars that I'll never miss anyway.
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Spooky Wedding Pictures

Well, the easy and quick part is over. On to the wedding picture. There are a ton more of these...though I'm only going to show 40 or so I think. I had a lot of pictures of scenary and skyline that were more or less all the same.

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Gah. Remind me to buy another container of salt.

Officials Seize Giant Snails From Schools

Mon Apr 26, 7:59 PM ET Add Science - AP to My Yahoo!

By JULIET WILLIAMS, Associated Press Writer

MILWAUKEE - Federal health officials have seized several dangerous pests called Giant African Land Snails from Wisconsin classrooms and have started a national search for the creatures, which reproduce rapidly, destroy plants and can transmit meningitis.

The snails, which are illegal to have in the United States, were used in classrooms by unwitting school officials, said Willie Harris, eastern regional director of the U.S. Department of Agriculture (news - web sites)'s Safeguarding, Intervention and Trade Compliance Program.

Snails have been seized in the past month from Wisconsin cities including Big Bend, Menasha and Milwaukee. Officials so far have not found any others elsewhere.

They are concerned the snails, about the size of a person's hand, could be transported to states with warmer climates, where they can rapidly reproduce and destroy plants.

In 1966, a Miami boy smuggled three Giant African Land Snails into the country. His grandmother eventually released them into a garden, and in seven years there were more than 18,000 of them. The eradication program took 10 years, according to the USDA.

Five of the snails donated to Nicolet Elementary School in Menasha by a parent were seized after teachers learned they were illegal, said the school's principal, Linda Joosten.

"They were very cool creatures," Joosten said.

The snails, native to Africa but also found in parts of Asia, are known to consume as many as 500 different plants and their mucous can transmit meningitis.

Snail smugglers can face fines of up to $1,000 per charge. Harris said people who have the snails without knowing they are illegal will not face punishment.
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