May 2nd, 2004

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dance centipedes vagina

Another weekend done...

Well, it's been another full weekend of gaming. The only work I managed to get done was early on saturday when I ran my animals which means that tommorrow is going to be packed full of crap. So much to do, so little motivation sometimes.

As for the gaming, everything worked out pretty spiffy. On saturday in the group I play in with John my character accidentally roasted around 10 people, but it wasn't my fault. I was trying to cast an ESP spell to make sure someone wasn't ripping me off when it caused a wild surge that turned everything into a fireball in the middle of the street. The good part is, I managed to dodge a murder rap. The bad part is...well, I was toasty for a bit and I will try to make some form of compensation to the families...without admitting liability. I think the quote for what was fair was around 300 GP per victim. Does that seem unusually high to anyone else? Soldiers only get 12 GP a year or something and I'm sure they make a good living compared to your average person. Oh well, I guess it's a small price to pay for causing an accidental bloodbath.

As for the sunday game things also went well. The new player and her place were spiffy, meaning we now have a good place to meet again and someone who seems like she will be in for the long haul. On the downside, the choad I thought was out of the group managed to get the day off of work and showed up. I have never met anyone I've detested as much when it comes to gaming. The guy is a complete and total munchkin. He constantly searches for each and every advantage, whining like you wouldn't believe when the call dosen't go in his favor. I just know he's still cheesed I whacked his character the last time with my death priest. It was no surprise to me that his new character is a lawful good cleric and the first thing he tried to do was detect evil me. What a complete wanker. No matter what alignment he plays it's always the same character, the one that struggles to maximize his own benefit, IC and OOC. As I told another person in the group, this guy dosen't play alignments. Every single one of his characters is simply the high priest of the church devoted to him. Wank. I sincerely hope that there are no other unforseen scheduling changes and he stays out.
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dance centipedes vagina

WOOT! Gencon Event listings are up!!

That's right boys and girls. I almost forgot to mention this, but the gencon event listings are up and going. Only a few more days until event registration. Now, I know that all of you are just as excited as I am and no doubt you've already gone to to search through the catalog of joy. I've already drawn up a tentative schedule for myself, and again, I'm committing the cardinal sin of stuffing too many events into every second of the day. I just can't help it. I want to cram every moment with games and fun and I'm always worried if I don't sign up for it beforehand, it'll be gone by the time I get there. I know that's true of the RPGs, but even for the games that I know for a fact will have slots I still feel the need to pre-reg for.

So who else is coming to gencon?

So far, there are 5 members of my gaming group going to gencon, and most of us have convention hotels lined up. I know personally I'm still searching for a roommate for the event if I can find one to cut the cost. I also know the spookykid and mrs spooky and some of their relatives are also going to gencon for certain. Kewpie no longer lives down there, frig seemed possibly interested, and I haven't heard diddily about it from trip and candie. Anyone else who reads this that is interested? There's been a push toward having a party at the hotel, and it would be spiffy to make it a sissymeat too.

Anyway, here's my temp schedule.

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