May 8th, 2004

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One hurdle over with

Well, in the end it took 6 and a half hours but I finally out-waited, out-lasted, and basically out-stubborned all the other fucking geeks trying to log onto the gencon website to register for events. I got everything I want to register for and only had to change the times for one event because some guy got in before me and took the slot I wanted. Still, all's well that ends well I guess. Gencon events are all settled and it's one giant load off of my mind.

The only other thing I had on the agenda today was doing a load of laundry. I'm currently wearing my last clean pair of underware which is the universal signal for laundry day. Of course, by the time I stacked everything together and was ready to go and now cannot find my damn laundry card. It's not where my mom last put it when she was here. Farg. The only one I could find has exactly zilch on it and I'm pretty sure the housing dept where you can recharge the fuckers isn't open on weekends. Bleh. This sucks.
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dance centipedes vagina

WooT! Utero T-shirts for everyone!

Well, not quite perhaps but we're moving closer. I'm trying to get anu to finalize some of the details....mostly we're trying to figure out what a good 'logo' would be for the front of the shirt I'm thinking and then the big image will go on the back. Each new big image she does could be a new t-shirt and it should be pretty spiffy.
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New Books!

I went downstairs to the car to look for my cell phone and saw an amazon package waiting for me. Spiffyness. It has all the books I ordered a while back that was delayed because it was going to be some time before one of them was published as a paperback. I picked up:

Good Omens: A book about what happens if the anti-christ were born in the wrong place by Pratchett and friends.

Wind Walker: The third book in a triology started by elaine cunningham that took forever to come out. I remmeber reading the first book of this series when I was in early college. This book took at least half a decade to make it to print for some reason.

Insurrection and Condemnation: Book 2 and 3 of the war of the spider queen series that's being...errr...edited? Overseen by? whatever...R A Salvatore. The first book was pretty spiffy and I've been looking forward to these.

Temptation of Elminster: Another greenwood. I always feel so ambivalent about his books. His ideas are spiffy but a lot of his writing sucks ass. The action is jerky, the flow, almost non-existant, and it drives me bonkers. Still, he's the one who invented the world and only he can tell the story I guess.

Book Update:

FUCK. I just looked at the temptation of elminster and realized that I read the damn thing already. I'm almost certain I must own it since I haven't visited a library to get fiction in at least 7-8 years. Damnit. This just shows how much greenwood's stuff sucks. It's so crappy and bland that I couldn't even remember having read it.
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