June 2nd, 2004

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Fuck you, feminazis

So some feminazi wank posted on the U of C community about a counter protest they want to wage against a pro-life group that's apparently coming to campus tommorrow. The seacow rambles on about how they'll be there to bring truth and facts to the debate. I just laughed and laughed and laughed. The next time the jackbooted pro-abortionists bring facts to the debate will be the first time. They're like the wanks who even now struggle to explain how they believe the world is only five thousand years old. Science has proven them wrong time and time again and they simply can't accept it. What we all know is that the fetus does feel pain, that viability keeps getting earlier and earlier, and thanks to in vivo recording, we can now see what these leftist hippie pukes are so keen on destroying. You'd have a better chance arguing that you should be able to abort 10 year olds than fetuses IMO. Those kids who end up killing with malicious intent, or otherwise have committed crimes are far more deserving of oblivion than human life that has done no wrong to anyone. Not that you could actually convince these selfish bitches of that.

My personal favorite are those wanks who say something along the lines of 'I'm personally against abortion and would never do it, but I think it should be legal'. What a tremendous sack of shit. I think the next time there's some debate on race relations with a rodney king incident I'll just tell people I'm personally against sodmizing black men or shooting them to death on the street, but I think the cops should be able to do it if they want to. The fact is, that those people are spineless cocksuckers, trying to thread a moral needle. Well, as long as I SAY I'm against it, it somehow absolves me of any responsibility when other people do it. Cowardly fucks.

I can only hope that a riot breaks out tommorrow and someone stomps some feminazi ass. Maybe I can go there and beat them to death with my flail. We can just call it a late term abortion.
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dance centipedes vagina

Feh, math

So usually I schedule 8 rats a day when I'm doing surgery. It dosen't take that long, but with my problem with starting inertia and crap...it's usually how it pans out. I must've had a giant brain fart this time around. I think it was because I was counting memorial day as a sunday. I signed up from wednesday to friday and I have 34 rats to slice and dice. Fuck. On top of that, I only managed to finish 5 rats today. Double fuck. This means I'll almost certainly have to be slicing rats on saturday before the gamenight and even then I'm going to have to average 10 a day. Feh.

On top of that I agreed to take someone to the airport at 6:45 or so tommorrow morning. Wahhhhh. I hate rats.
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