August 31st, 2004

dance centipedes vagina


There are times I wonder if you can actually piss our more liquid than you've taken in. I think my bladder has been working overtime. I wonder if perhaps it's like that futurama episode at the slurm factory where teh grunga-lunga is making water by pulling on the lever between two vats, one readin H2 and the other O.

I just spent like 15 minutes trying to get a screen capture of that scene but it looks like it's a nogo. I need to find a way to do video capture screenshots one of these days. For some reason the whole copy screen thing dosen't work. It just gives me a blank black blot instead of what's actually playing on the video player. Feh.

On another note, I still can't get the lab people to play chrononauts with me *sniffle*. They were doing herpes virus injections into the brain the past few days and we haven't managed to find a time to do one of those group poot events that are always fun. On a positive note, there are only 2 more days of rat injections for me. After that it's fiesta time for at least a couple days before I get working on more papers and crap. Oh well.

Lamenating = so spiffy.
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