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Fun with toys you never had as a kid

I've finding a crapload of interesting websites lately thanks to stumble. A few days ago I decided to give firefox a whirl since it seemed that IE was sucking up a lot of system resources. I had been running some programs that needed to go for up to 2-3 days at a time without interruption and I was suffering some really obnoxious slowdowns. Everyone kept raving about firefox's tabbing feature and I figured if it kept it all in one process, it might be able to save me a few bits of memory here and there.

Overall, I'm not all that thrilled with many aspects of firefox. The tabbing feature is nice, but I made do with multiple IE windows. The spamblocker they have is atrotiously bad whereas the programs I had setup for IE worked perfectly. All in all, it would probaly be a wash more or less if it weren't for stumble. Stumble's an extension that basically has you select your interests and then take you to random websites that fit. As you give it feedback on whehter you liked or disliked a page, it's better able to find things that you'd enjoy. So far, I've not only gotten to see many old files and pages that I had lost track of in the past and liked, and plenty of new ones as well. It's a great time waster. It's also a great source for things to post up and share with others.

One of the things I found on day 1, was a page that basically recreates Lite-Brite. Mever having had a Lite-Brite as a kid and being bored, I thought I would try to make my own picture. So here it is.

Turns out there is no brown color in Lite-Brite so I had to make do with what I had. Not bad overall if I do say so myself. Usually I can't get anything to look like what it's supposed to look like when I try something even semi-artistic.

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