January 27th, 2005

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Black + Female = Crazy

I had actually some high hopes for this particular round of the apprentice. I was getting sick of the men vs women senario and the last season had pissed me off when the incompetant people seemed to advance too easily. I mean, in the first season, any member of the final four would have made a good choice for heading a company. In the second, this cream rises to the top idea just fell apart entirely. It's simply lucky that in the end the person who was chosen was the best, but it wasn't much of a competition.

Anyway, one reason I felt sort of optomistic in this season is they actually seemed to wrangle up some black women who weren't crazy or sociopathic. They all seemed firmly balanced in the first episode and I thought it was a good sign that they would go far. Of course, that all went to pot tonight. I mean, gah, there she was whining about how little sleep she was getting or how she wasn't taking enough time to take care of herself. WTF? She must've led a very coddled sort of existance is all I can imagine. She's also a college grad. Did she never have all night cram sessions? We can be pretty sure she must've lied somewhere on her psych profile to get accepted into cast.
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