March 20th, 2005

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It's been way too long

I ventured out today to go to circuit city so I could pick up a harddrive. It's the first time since I arrived home that I've gone out of the house by myself. There's simply been nothing I've needed to do before now and I was more than happy to just turtle up until the adjustment period worked itself out. What ended up changing my mind on this was the possibility of getting a 250 gb harddrive for only 90 dollars after tax and rebates. You can't beat something like that. I've wanted to crack open my computer and add a new HD for a while now and it'll have to be opened soon anyway so I can insert a wireless network card. Currently, everything's still stacked in the garage and won't be moved into my room until the new furniture arrives on tuesday.

So off I drove to where I remembered the circuit city's amazing the amount of development that has occured around here since I was gone. I fully believe that if you can't find something within 10 miles of the house, it simply dosen't exist anywhere. when I finally reached my destination I found not a circuit city but a comp usa. I ended up having to go back home and using their store locator + yahoo maps to find the place. One of these days I'm going to have to go on a driving tour of the neighborhood again just to refamiliarize myself.

Oh, and when I got there they were all out of the 250's. In the end they went digging around in the storeroom and managed to find just two left. I ended up snatching one and just as I was paying for it some other guy wandered by asking if they had any more in stock. I guess it's a good think I didn't dawdle too much.
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