April 1st, 2005

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Hopping Vermin

I've always thought women were stupid to be freaked out by bats. I'm sure you've all seen the stereotype of some person with 2 X chromosomes freaking out about the furry little blighters if not actually witnessed it in person. The main complaint seems to be they're flying rodents and because of the latter, somehow something to be avoided and/or feared. Frankly, I've always thought of bats more as birds. Now, I know the whole evolutionary development thingie but in general I tend to look more favorably on things that fly than things that scurry. Thus, despite the fact that closeup it looks rodent-like, it's usually enjoyed a pretty lofty perch in my estimation, well, compared to its near ancestors anyway.

That was all true until I saw this.

Nothing looks harmless when it's all hunched over and doing the igor hop-shuffle toward you. My first instinct would be to stomp this thing flat if I saw it coming toward me. Actually my first instinct might be to shriek and then my second would be to stomp it. It just looks so god damn sinister. Ecspecially the view from above. From the side you can tell yourself it's no worse than a frog hopping along or something but from above there's just something about the shape that gives me the willies.

Oh well. So the moral of the story is...never trust bats.
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