June 18th, 2005

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Ooga Booga!

Two-Faced Kitten Born in Oregon

Friday, June 17, 2005

ROSEBURG, Ore. — A newborn kitten recently entered the world with two faces and, hopefully, at least nine lives. Gemini was born Sunday with two mouths, two tongues, two noses and four eyes.

"I kind of feel sorry for her, because I can't know for a fact if she's going to live or die," its owner, Lee Bluetear of Glide, told the (Roseburg) News-Review. "If she makes it, she should be a perfectly normal and healthy cat. Other than having two faces."

Roseburg veterinarian Alan Ross, who examined the kitten (search) on Tuesday, said he can't estimate the kitten's life span. He said when he first saw the kitten, he wouldn't have given her more than a 10 percent chance of survival.

"With the three of our veterinarians here, we have a combined total of 50 years of experience," Ross said. "We have never seen anything like this."

Bluetear, 40, said Gemini is much stronger and drinking more milk than in its first few days. Ross said that if the kitten does survive, it might need surgery to remove the extra tissue in between its two mouths.

Bluetear has been breeding different kinds of animals, starting with dogs, since 1980. Roughly three years ago, she discovered a litter of smaller than normal kittens she calls "miniature cats."

She now has plans to market the miniature cats (search), which grow to about 4 pounds, on the Internet.

Gemini was born to a miniature mother and a full-size father.

"Everybody is totally amazed that this thing exists," Bluetear said.

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dance centipedes vagina

Diet Update with Bonus Domo Hat Picture

So I've been below the magic number for a few days in a row now though there are still fluxuations. I figure it's as good a time to declare the first hurdle met and proclaim a limited victory. Since I started this diet whozit in late march, so a little short of three months, I've managed to drop 50 pounds. Frankly, it dosen't feel like a whole heck of a lot and I guess it's not something tremendously large from a percentage point of view. Still, I figure if I can lose another 25 or so, that would be pretty satisfactory. Anything after that is just a bonus.

One thing that's nice is that while the progress has slowed down, the diet still isn't a hardship or anything. I mean, how hard is a diet really when you have no appetite most of the time? I figure I can coast like this for another 10 pounds or so, but that anything after might become more problematic and might actually require some planning or effort or something.

Overall, I don't think I've changed all that much in appearance either. It's not something that all that easy to judge for me. I more or less always look like myself. Certainly it hasn't been one of those situations where people have been surprised at any changes enough to mention them. But since candie asked for before and after pictures, I did my best to take some and find comparable shots from at least three months ago.

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