July 29th, 2005

dance centipedes vagina

I can't fucking believe it....

My fucking harddrive died again. I can't even begin to express my sense of rage and loss at the moment. All I could do after figuring out it was dead was go to bed. That's how I seem to deal with grief...try to get unconcious. It's too bad I don't drink because I'm sure that's how some alcoholics get started first too. I had tons of pictures on there I hadn't had a chance to back up yet. My grandmother's birthday, my birthday, my sister's birthday, my cousin's birthday....etc. I had hundreds upon hundreds of audiobooks...all gone. All my emails and god knows what else...gone. Gone, gone, gone. All gone....
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dance centipedes vagina

Sounds like a fair offer to me

Kenyan waits for Bill Clinton's answer on offer of 40 goats, 20 cows to marry daughter

NAIROBI, Kenya (AP) — A Kenyan city councilman says he offered Bill Clinton 40 goats and 20 cows for his daughter's hand in marriage five years ago. He's still awaiting an answer.
Godwin Kipkemoi Chepkurgor wrote Clinton asking for Chelsea's hand in 2000 when Clinton visited Kenya, Chepkurgor told the East African Standard newspaper.

Chepkurgor, 36, vowed to remain single until he gets an answer to his proposal to marry Chelsea, 25.

Chepkurgor, a city councilor in Nakuru, told Clinton of plans for a grand wedding presided over by South African Nobel Peace Prize winner Archbishop Desmond Tutu.

"Had I succeeded in wooing Chelsea, I would have had a grand wedding," he told the Standard in an interview published Friday during Clinton's recent visit to Kenya.

Chepkurgor said his letter praised both Clinton's leadership and his wife, now Sen. Hillary Rodham Clinton, for standing by her husband in the Monica Lewinsky scandal.

The electrical engineering graduate said he promised to pay 40 goats and 20 cows in dowry for Clinton's only daughter in accordance with African tradition.

But he said the letter prompted security checks — on him, his family and his classmates.

It's unlikely Clinton ever received the offer. A security official told the Standard the letter probably never made it out of the office because authorities thought Chepkurgor "just took the joke too far."

To be honest, I'm not sure that bubba could expect to receive a better offer. I think the smart thing to do would be to take the cows and goats and run with it. If nothing else, he could host one hell of a BBQ with the livestock.
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dance centipedes vagina


Since the computer was still under warentee, they'll send someone out on monday to replace the HD. I'm still hoping that it'll be possible to recover the information off of the old one. Since I have no clue who knows about this sort crap, darken might just be my only hope for information and possible salvage.

Anyway, other than that nothing interesting has been happening. No plans this weekend and all I've been doing without my computer is rereading harry potter books. Ya, I know. Exciting. :sigh:
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dance centipedes vagina

Do you believe some people get payed for this sort of thing?

The 20 Hamburgers You Must Eat Before You Die

Alan Richman traveled 23,750 miles and consumed more than 150,000 calories while taking the measure of 162 burgers across the country—with one goal: to find you the best damned assemblage of ground beef and buns this country serves up

The hamburger is a symbol of everything that makes America great. Straightforward, egalitarian, substantial, and good-natured, it is also a little bloody at times.

It may come big and ungarnished, the East Coast ideal, tender and untroubled by bones or gristle, everything you look for in a filet mignon but seldom find. It may be the West Coast model, swelling with vegetation, brimming with health and well-being, piled high with all that a seed catalog can provide. A great burger, regardless of regional differences, instills a sense of optimism and fulfillment, that all is right at the table or the counter or the woodgrain, screwed-to-the-floor, fast-food booth.

At its best, it eliminates the need for conversation or the urge to glance up at the TV over the bar. If you find yourself eating silently, eyes closed, ignoring everything around you, even the unavoidable burger-joint din, you have come upon a burger that can be pronounced a success.

Here are the 20 best burgers in America

20. Hamburger Sandwich
Louis' Lunch
New Haven, CT

19. Our Famous Burger
Sidetrack Bar and Grill
Ypsilanti, MI

18. Hamburger
Poag Mahone's Carvery and Ale House

17. Double Bacon Deluxe with Cheese
Red Mill Burgers

16. Hamburger & Fries
Burger Joint
San Francisco

15. Build Your Own Burger
The Counter
Santa Monica

14. Hamburger
J. G. Melon
New York City

13. Cheeseburger
White Manna
Hackensack, NJ

12. Hamburger
Bobcat Bite
Sante Fe

11. Grilled Bistro Burger
Bistro Don Giovanni
Napa, CA

10. Number Five
Keller's Drive-in

9. Cheeseburger
Burger Joint, le Parker Meridien Hotel
New York City

8. Hamburger
Miller's Bar
Dearborn, MI

7. Buckhorn Burger
San Antonio, NM

6. California Burger
Santa Monica

5. Kobe Sliders
Barclay Prime

4. Rouge Burger

3. Not Just a Burger
Spiced Pear Restaurant at the Chanler Hotel
Newport, RI

2. Luger Burger
Peter Luger Steak House

1. Sirloin Burger
Le Tub
Hollywood, FL

I'm sort of tempted to sally forth and actually try some of these burgers. Well, the ones that I can easily get to without making a long road trip of it. I always figured a burger was more or less a burger was more or less a burger. It always depended on what topping syou threw on the thing and everyone's toppings were more or less the same. I'm not sure how you'd keep track of 162 burgers and how each ranked in comparrison with the other.
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