September 17th, 2005

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Fun at Dave and Busters and Sissy Dinner

So on with the slide show. I was supposed to meet up with trip and some other people at Dave and Busters a while back. Of course, the entire thing slipped trip's mind so it was just me and Nate in the end. I had nothing better to do so I ended up trying to abuse their ticket winning games. Nate found a way to pretty much guarentee a 80 ticket windfall with every play. He ended up picking up a martini set and some other crap while I went home with stuffed animals galore. I ended up needing to cart the crap home in a giant garbage bag.

On a later night it was the sissy dinner. Oats picked the place, called Kitch'n I believe which served 70's food with a lot of kitch, as you might imagine. Of course, though she picked the place she ended up ditching the rest of us. We never did find out what was up with that.

Anyway, that should be enough of an intro to the following picture series.

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