October 22nd, 2005

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God damn random chance

I've been at that fun family cranium contest for around two weeks now and absolutely nothing. The percentages say that there's a 10% chance to win per entry which means I'm god damn overdue by now. I don't even want a copy of cranium, much less a copy of family cranium, but as long as it's free I'm their huckleberry. It can go into the game closet and sit with all the other things I've never got around to playing.

In case anyone else thinks they have lady luck on their side, or actually wants a copy of family cranium, the link to play is here.

BTW, just started season 2, episode 4.
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dance centipedes vagina

And if you thought normal karaoke was wanky

Pornaoke is a scream

If you thought karaoke made a racket down at your local boozer then you ain't seen nothing yet.

Starring in a blue movie may be a fantasy too far for most couples too shy to strip off for the cameras.

But a new craze called Pornaoke - where punters provide the saucy soundtrack to saucy clips - is proving a massive hit.

In fact, all those who've had a chance of "performing" in front of the audience admit it's a real scream.

Brave partygoers choose from a range of movie scenes and then get up on stage and take the mic.

They're then expected to make the right sounds along to the silent video that's projected on to a large screen behind them, moaning and groaning for all they're worth.

Promoter Mark Taylor, of Capture Entertainment, brought the idea to the UK after hearing about a similar show in Japan.


"It's a fun evening of people getting up, having a bit of a laugh, and a final at the end of the night. The funnier the faces on screen the better it works. You end up laughing for most of the time you're doing it."

One fan, who didn't want to be named, said: "It's hilarious. The crowd were really getting into it and so were the contestants.

"There was all sorts of noises coming out of the speakers. It really sounded realistic!"

I imagine that if you've had enough liquor this could be quite hilarious. It's not something I think that you'd want to face sober.
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dance centipedes vagina

Weee, the marathon is over

Well, around 48 hours after I started I have finished watching all 23 episodes and prequel movie of battlestar galactica. If you consider that each episode is around 45 minutes long and the movie is 3 hours in run time, I've spent at the very minimum 20.25 of the last 50 or so hours watching these fraking episodes. No wonder I feel so exhausted. I really need to get myself some sleep after the deprivation.

So what is my impression at the end?

I know none of you care but I don't give a frak. In the end, I think it's fantastic. I wasn't wild about the start of season one after the movie and didn't get back into it until the last two eps but season 2 has been stellar all around. They've really hit their stride with the storylines and it's been great. It's really giving me a babylon 5 feel now and that's a pretty high compliment. I had ecspecially looked forward to the midseason cliffhanger, knowing from online that it would introduce the battlestar pegasus. I thought for sure that the writers would have slow played admiral cain. It was pretty obvious that she wouldn't have been a cupcake. After all, where's the conflict in that. It was either going to be some sort of cylon plot or she was going to turn out to be some sort of facist basketcase. It looks like option #2 won out. Still, I was expecting them to play it slow at first and keep the mask on her. I figured it would take at least 2-3 episodes but the writers went right for the balls and smashed them flat. From joyous reunion to civil war, all within 45 fraking minutes. That's impressive.

Another interesting thing about the last episode is that you really get to put the BS galactica into proper reference. I know they sort of alluded to it before that it was old and obviously it was about to be decommission when the war started again, but you never knew that it was really like a ford pinto instead of just something a bit older and still servicable. The fact that the pegasus went up against, what, 18 squadrons of cylon fighters and won screams volumes about how much better armed they must be. It's even more amazing that they were the ones resupplying galactica after the meeting when galactica was the one with the fleet and the refueling ships and mining ships etc. Pegasus must be efficient as all get out and crammed to the rafters with personel. I mean, didn't they say at the start that galactica only had something like 40 vipers total? Count up the number destroyed so far and I think we're looking at at least 7-10 down due to either damage or complete incineration. Pegasus has been taking on much larger enemies and if they were maintaining a similar damage rate they must have vipers coming out of their ears to still be so functional after taking out 18 squads of cylons.

I know there's no chance that galactica can win in a firefight, but you don't see many ways of them winning no matter what. The classic plot here was to slowplay that cain was a nutjob. The crews intermix and friendships develop and then at a critical period, some of the pegasus crew decides to follow their conscience and defect, helping galactica eek out a victory and move on by itself with the civilian fleet. Since it wasn't slow played there were no relationships developed other than incredibly hostile ones, and you would think the pegasus crew is full of nothing but blowhards, sadists and rapists based on the interactions so far. I'm really curious how they're going to work the next episode. I sorta wish that sharon had another virus or something to disable pegasus. That would be a ncie way to go without major loss of life, though of course there will have to be at least some blood shed.

Interesting that no one seemed to mention to cain the fact that they found the way to earth, eh?
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