November 3rd, 2005

dance centipedes vagina

Secret Weakness: Going out of buisness sales

So I got an email notice yesterday about a game store going out of buisness and that everything would be 50% off. That was enough to have me scrambling over there as soon as I was able and I ended up blowing another 180 dollars on games and assorted other crap. I guess I should be happy that it wasn't more since apparently Eileen (the head of board games for double exposure) was there that morning and dropped 1500 dollars on product. That must've cleaned out around half of the boardgame inventory.

On the way down to the store I actually got lost and had to call Connie and have her feed me directions from online. Nutty if you think about it that I would have to call her in new york just so I can get directions. Once there it was one of those kid in a candy store situations. With a 50% discount, I ended up saving a few bucks per game compared to the prices off of thoughthammer. Add sales tax to it and I figured that I saved around 40 dollars I'd imagine. I also picked up a few things for Randy while I was at it.

I got:

Evo: A game about dinosaurs and their evolution
Ninja Burger expansion: Fast food delivering ninjas
Wooly Bully: A game of protecting sheep from wolves
Formula De mini: A little racing game
Illuminati Crime Lords: A game of forming a criminal empire to attack others
Risk Godstorm: The newest game in the Risk franchise
Saint Petersburg: A game of scoring points and making money with peasants, nobles, and buildings
Lost Cities: A two player card game I've heard good things about

Errr, I think that was all the boardgames.

I also got a large plush d20 and a complete set of the dwarven forge metal dice. I'm thinking of hanging the plushie off of the rearview mirror.
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dance centipedes vagina

Tales from the random side

So I'm continuing to browse through the latest posts lists, mostly due to boredom. It looks like the flood of halloween pictures have pretty much ended and what is left is the generic entries you see every day. What people had for breakfast, what was scored on a recent math test, etc. Every once and a while you run across something sorta unusual in one way or another. So below I present three journals that caught my eye from the most recent set of posts

Most random set of pictures
Looks like one of those people who are pulling most popular images off some website. Seeing as it's all in russian, I have no clue what the other entries are about. That is a pretty interesting figurehead for the truck though. Reminds me of those sailing ships with women carved in the front.

Most angsty and vomit-inducing "poetry"(?) crap
Remember kids, nothing makes it more angsty than different color and sized fonts.

Most lame
The raving about jefferson starship would have already had this journal as a contender but the nonsensical segway into voltron just pushes it over the top.
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dance centipedes vagina

Just because you're hung like a moose dosen't mean you have to do porn

So I was thinking about subject lines for entries. Should they be functional, so that if I'm searching for an entry some time later I can find it, or should they be in the stinky-fu mode of LJ'ing, which is to say weird yet sorta interesting. I mean, I've got plenty of funny little quotes and things that I think are quite amusing. For example: Actual stupidity will beat artifical intelligence every time. Now, I guess I could wait until I had an entry around where I'm comenting about, err, computers or maybe someone who was excessively stupid, or even better yet someone who is excessively stupid working with computers. The question is, how likely is that really to come up?

Now, the above subject line is another case in point. I could now make this entry about how some people just end up not liking the things they'd be best at, which is sorta sad if you think about it. Since that sorta topic dosen't apply to jack diddily crap at the moment, I'd almost have to go searching for an annecdote just so content matched. It's sorta odd since stinky is the only person who mentioned she even likes to reread old entries. God only knows how she manages to find specific ones. Maybe I should start using that tag system but it sorta pisses me off that it's only now avaliable almost two years in. I don't want to have to go back through god only knows how many entries adding freaking tags to everything and it seems sort of pointless to just start now.
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