December 3rd, 2005

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Journey to Socal: Day 1.3 to 1.5

Ever been in one of those situations where something happens and you're unaware of the significance of it? Lets say someone tells you they just won a scholarship and you congratulate them and later find out that something like 50,000 people enter each year and only 3 are selected. So something along the lines where it becomes more of a big deal after you get some info.

Anyway, the whole club 33 thing was more or less of a lark. I signed up for it mostly because I knew I would be getting there early and I had nothing better to do. Shiney had mentioned in his messages that it was a fancy schmancy place and that lunch would cost a pretty penny. I thought it would just be like any other smarmy and pricey resturant but apparently club 33 is more than that. When Walt put together the park, he apparently wanted a private club of sorts where he could entertain buisness guests not to mention get some booze. To this day, club 33 is the only place in the park where you can get liquor. If I had known that going in I would have ordered some booze just for the oppertunity to take a picture and have the annecdote.

So Walt wanted a little gentleman's club of sorts and Club 33 is what resulted. The name for the location is a generally debated fact with some arguing it's because Walt was a mason and 3 is an important number to them that it's masonic in origin. Others claim that it's named for the 33 people on the board who didn't think he was crazy when he proposed the idea for a disney theme park. Let others claim that it just happened that the building they selected had a street address of 33 Rue Royal. Pick your poison.

What it has become is an exclusive club to which there is a waiting list which runs anywhere from 4 to 10 years for new members. You can read a little summary about one person's membership experience. As you can see in the article, it's also not a cheap sort of thing to become a member of club 33 either. According to the official membership leaflet you would drop a pretty penny for an individual membership:

This particular membership is for individuals and is available at Gold level. $7,500 for a Gold membership fee and $2,500 annual dues. These memberships are nontransferable.

In return you get a series of perks and whozits that you can read about in the article above.

Anyway, I didn't find out most of this until getting snippets from the other people there and then after I had gotten home and did some checking about. Knowing about the exclusivity (not to mention the fact that the chances of ever getting back in there is next to nil) makes me more appreciative of the experience. I'm sure I must've said thanks at some point to Shiney, but in case I didn't make it clear enough and he's reading this now, I was really happy to be included.

So all that side, we should get on to the picture captioning. I'm sure you'll notice that I'm handling an even smaller chunk of pictures in this entry. I find that more than half of my pictures are disney-related. That means that things should thin out as I go but these first couple days are going to be murder for number of pictures.

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