February 6th, 2006

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King of the Geek Hill

On boardgamegeek, someone just ran through the database and took a look at how many games the average gamer on there owned. This automatically led to more number crunching until people could finally figure out where they stood in the whole geek hierarchy.

.If you have......you are in
more than this.....the top:
.many games


Having just updated my list on there and added in #220, I'm officially in the top 5%. Woowoo. Actually, I probaly hit that mark a while back since it's hard to figure out exactly what I own and what I don't at times. I only tend to update the list sporadicly and then I'm certain that quite a few things slip the mind. Still, it's nice to know that I've passed a new benchmark and passed into the realm of excessive insanity.

I keep thinking that this is going to make for one heck of a garage/estate sale when I eventually croak.
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dance centipedes vagina

The towel heads have one thing right

So, right off the bat I'm a bit ambivalent about this whole rigamarole over the publishing of muslim-offending cartoons in a Danish newspaper. In fact, I was schizo enough about the subject that I was just going to give the whole subject a pass, but since mock26 brought it up on his LJ, I thought I'd try to jot a few things down.

First, part of me is just bemused that for once the arabs are marching around burning shit in effagy and it's not an american flag. They're waving their AK-47's in the air and chanting, not 'Death to America' which I imagine is about as common a refrain on their streets as 'Fresh goat! Who wants to buy a pound and a half of goat?' or 'Dates! Get your dates! 2 for a dinar!', but death to Denmark or death or europe. Maybe those european apologists will finally realize what it's like to be the target of one of these sort of arab mob actions and realize that these people would happily kill us all if they could. If they happen not to believe that, I say we toss a Danish tourist onto one of those streets and see how long it takes for those people to tear an innocent bystander limb from limb.

Second, I'm not really sure how I feel about this whole arguement going on right now about freedom of speech vs the right to mock and attack religion. What sort of infuriates me is that a good chunk of people championing the cause of freedom of speech are the same fucking PC nazis who keep restricting what people can say. Now, frankly, I'm for removing just about all speech barriers but I can understand those that think that it needs to be curbed sometimes for some sort of greater good. I might often disagree, but I can see the rationale they're making. What I can't stand are the fuckups who want it both ways. When it's speech they find agreeable, they wrap themselves in the idea of a free press and the free exchange of ideas and when it's not, it's all about hate speech or civil rights violations.

So on this score, I think the arabs have a very good point. What makes a cartoon attacking muslims any more justifiable than a cartoon caricaturing a black person or another which says that jews with gigantic noses sell palestinian organs? Either it's all hate speech and thus, worthy of being restricted somehow, or none of it is and everyone should just shut the fuck up about it. What really bothers me about this whole crap is that to really embrace free speech, you have to be willing to hear crap that you disagree vehemently with. What a lot of the morons kicking up a fuss about right now want is to have it both ways. They want to be able to mock or attack muslims as free expression while reserving the sanctimoneous right to denounce what they will dub 'hate speech' that they find personally abhorrent.

Again, there are even levels to his assholery. Sometimes it's just rank hypocrisy and I can deal with that more or less. What begins to bother me is when there are actually laws in place which pick and choose between what speech is acceptable and what isn't. Things like 'creating a hostile work environment' or 'civil rights violations' when they fall wholey in the realm of non-harassing speech is freaking ridiculous. It's one thing if someone is following you around yelling Spic! Nigger! Chink! Wop! (or insert own personal racial epithet), but we've gone far beyond that in a lot of these cases to where some people believe they have a right to never hear anything that offends them personally. Maybe those assholes should get their friends together, light a few flags on fire and chant 'death to america' or 'death to denmark' too.
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