March 1st, 2006

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Scores are in

Just got the test results in the mail.

Verbal ability: 451 (97th precentile)
Biology: 453 (97th precentile)
Reading Comprehension: 425 (85th precentile)
Quantitative Ability: 420 (82nd precentile)
Chemistry 428 (87th precentile)

Composite: 435 (95th precentile)

I'm not sure exactly what the max score for each section was but searching online it seems that my scores are in the competative range if nothing else. No surprise the lowest score was in math. When you spend the last 45 seconds of a section franticly guessing 'B' for the last 15 questions or so, you're due to get a bit shafted. Frankly, I'm surprised that the bio was as high as it was and the composite as well. Based on the other scores, I'm sort of disapointed in the chem, though it was only to be expected. It was going to be a weak link no matter what.

Man, I'm a moron. I've been looking at the composite score this entire time and didn't even realize it. I thought it was composite as in 'writing composite'. It looks like I didn't just do well, I beat the crap out of the test somehow. 95th precentile if it can be believed, and this on something I thought I had tanked. The schools I've looked at all seem to have average acceptance scores in the range of around 80 to 87th precentile. Based on that, I should be sitting pretty if it's based just on standardized tests.

Either I'm even more intelligent than even I ever imagined, or people out there are stupider than I ever believed possible. Pick your poison.
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Hippies wrong again

Second chance ends with guilty plea

Wednesday, March 1, 2006; Posted: 10:32 a.m. EST (15:32 GMT)

FORT LAUDERDALE, Florida (AP) -- Lionel Tate, once the youngest person in modern U.S. history sentenced to life behind bars, faces 10 to 30 years in prison after pleading guilty Wednesday to the armed robbery of a pizza delivery man.

Tate said "Yes, sir" when Broward County Circuit Judge Joel T. Lazarus asked him if he would plead guilty to the robbery. Lazarus scheduled sentencing for April 3.

Tate, 19, also admitted that he had violated probation by possessing a gun during the robbery last May, and that he violated laws by doing so. Lazarus said that any sentence he imposes for those violations would run concurrently with the robbery sentence.

The guilty plea is the latest twist in the long-running case of Tate, who was convicted of killing 6-year-old Tiffany Eunick when he was only 12.

Tate came to national attention after Eunick's murder at his mother's home. The boy's lawyers initially claimed that girl, who suffered skull fractures and a lacerated liver, was accidentally killed when Tate imitated pro wrestling moves he'd seen on television.

He was convicted of first-degree murder and sentenced to life in 2001, but three years later and appeals court tossed out the conviction and sentence.

The court ruled that it wasn't clear Tate understood what was happening to him. He then pleaded guilty to second-degree murder as part of a deal with prosecutors and was sentenced to 10 years' probation.

Lazarus added five more years to the probation term after Tate was arrested in September 2004 for carrying a knife with a four-inch blade. The judge warned Tate then that he had "zero tolerance" for future violations.

But police say it didn't take long for Tate to find trouble again.

Last May 23, Tate called Domino's Pizza from a friend's apartment and ordered four pizzas. A friend later told police that Tate, armed with a revolver, hid behind the apartment door when delivery man arrived with the order.

The delivery man, who dropped the pizzas and ran after seeing the gun, identified Tate as the perpetrator and Tate's fingerprints were found on the pizza boxes, police said.

Tate was also suspected in the theft of weapons from his mother, Florida Highway Patrol trooper Kathleen Grossett-Tate.

Should have just locked him up and thrown away the key years ago. When you go around killing people at the age of 12, it's a pretty good indication that you're only going to grow up to be a waste of space. It's not even like he had a good reason for it. If you're going to maul and mangle someone, at least have some sort of coherent motive for doing so. Where are all those soft-hearted, soft-brained morons now who argued for his release back then? Why don't we march them up in front of the cameras for their mea culpas.
dance centipedes vagina

Girls are sadists

Researchers Find Barbie Is Often Mutilated

By JILL LAWLESS, Associated Press Writer

Monday, December 19, 2005

Barbie, beware. The iconic plastic doll is often mutilated at the hands of young girls, according to research published Monday by British academics.

"The girls we spoke to see Barbie torture as a legitimate play activity, and see the torture as a 'cool' activity," said Agnes Nairn, one of the University of Bath researchers. "The types of mutilation are varied and creative, and range from removing the hair to decapitation, burning, breaking and even microwaving."

Researchers from the university's marketing and psychology departments questioned 100 children about their attitudes to a range of products as part of a study on branding. They found Barbie provoked the strongest reaction, with youngsters reporting "rejection, hatred and violence," Nairn said.

"The meaning of 'Barbie' went beyond an expressed antipathy; actual physical violence and torture towards the doll was repeatedly reported, quite gleefully, across age, school and gender," she said.

While boys often expressed nostalgia and affection toward Action Man — the British equivalent of GI Joe — renouncing Barbie appeared to be a rite of passage for many girls, Nairn said.

"The most readily expressed reason for rejecting Barbie was that she was babyish, and girls saw her as representing their younger childhood out of which they felt they had now grown," she said.

Nairn said many girls saw Barbie as an inanimate object rather than a treasured toy.

"Whilst for an adult the delight the child felt in breaking, mutilating and torturing their dolls is deeply disturbing, from the child's point of view they were simply being imaginative in disposing of an excessive commodity in the same way as one might crush cans for recycling," she said.

Manufacturer Mattel, which sells 94 million Barbies a year worldwide, said the doll remained the "No. 1 fashion doll brand."

Mattel U.K. said that despite the findings of "this very small group of children, we know that there are millions of girls in the U.K. and across the world that love and enjoy playing with Barbie and will continue to do so in the future."

Or maybe what it's telling us is that more specifically british girls are evil. I haven't quite decided if it's an indictment of female-kind in general yet. Poor barbie. All she wants is a dreamhouse, a sporty car, and an endless array of men to whore it up with. She dosen't deserve this sort of thing.
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