March 20th, 2006

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The internets have made me famous

So as I was about to take a shower last night I got a phone call from someone who had a card game he was interested in getting greater exposure and he wanted to send me some copies to hand out. Apparently he had stumbled over me online through the boardgame meetup and some other sites that I'm on and then used the power of net whitepage listings to find my contact info. We chatted a bit about his game and I was able to float him some suggestions about where he could get more exposure for it and some other contacts like local cons and gaming groups. The upshot sems to be that he's going to drop off a buncha copies of the game at my place sometime today and then I can pass it out at some of the gaming groups I go to and see if I can get people interested in the idea.

So how's that for weird when total strangers call you up because they found you somewhere on the internet? I guess it only shows how my fame is spreading. Soon my armies will march across the land and I will bend it to my will. Till then, free games are always spiffy and I'm always happy to help out people who have the cajones to take the risk and pursue their dreams. He seemed surprised from the way I was prattling on and how many gaming pies I had fingers in that I wasn't some sort of industry person working for a gaming company. That sounds like a nice idea, but I just don't think I could be enough of a risk taker to give it a whirl.

In case anyone is interested in finding out about the game, it's called Fuddy Duddy and seems to have a pretty simple mechanic. He said he would be bringing over a big bunch of them so if you're interested in getting a copy that you will promise to play with friends or with gaming groups or whatever, drop me a comment. If we don't support these sort of indie efforts all we end up having in the end is the crap sort of games at Toys R Us and the like.
dance centipedes vagina

Fuddy Duddy

Well, Joe just dropped off the games and it seems pretty spiffy. A nice and simply mechanic that I think will have a good chunk of replayability. The card stock is excellent in quality and I'm looking forward to showing it around at the various game groups. I just went and submitted the game to boardgamegeek and with luck it'll be well received. If all goes well maybe someone else's gaming dream will see fruition. If nothing else, I can ship one to vala_amaris for her little care package whozit.

Hmmm, do you want a copy too jirel? You seem to always have various gaming whozits you're posting about and half the time you're playing something I've never even heard of yet. Maybe your game group would like it.