April 11th, 2006

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Tawana Brawley Redux

Well, it looks like there's even more fun and games in store at the ol' rape investigation of the Duke Lacrosse players. The DNA tests came back yesterday and showed that there was no match to any of the 46 players asked to submit samples. Surprise, surprise. This hasn't seemed to have deterred the DA however who today gave a press conference where he said his investigation would go on.

Now, check me if I'm wrong but aren't there some fairly serious problems with believing that a crime occurred here when the DNA tests all come back negative? If they had used a condom in the assault, wouldn't the 'victim' have mentioned that fact when she was initially interviewed by police and staff at the hospital? We can dismiss for the moment the more CSI'like aspects that would make even condom wearing a half defense at best. (For those interested, I found this little tidbit on Condom Trace Evidence all the back from '94. It seems that forensics is advanced enough that they can detect the presence of condom powder, lubricant, and spermicide)

Of course, it's not like I expect something like facts to deter the feminazis and their take back the night protests or the rampaging racists at the NAACP and affiliated organizations. Obviously they have too much invested in this case and are out to prove a crime committed even if up to this point there's no solid evidence. All we need at this point is Al Sharpton in a track suit running around saying that not only were the players involved in the rape, but the university president came down and gave her a dicker too. Then the Tawana Brawley circle would be complete.

If the DA has other forensic evidence that does prove that a crime occured in his pocket somewhere, he had better consider exposing it to the light of day or enpaneling a grand jury. So far it just seems he's floating along on a sea of zilch.

I just realized that some people not from the Northeast of the US might have no clue who the heck Tawana Brawley even is or the link between the cases. Here is a summary from wikipedia that seems to do a generally good job of recapping.
dance centipedes vagina

Circadian Rhythms

Hmm, I've noticed something for a while now where pain always seems to be worse in the later overnight and ecspecially in the morning. I wonder if it has anything to do with the body's cortisol spike. That's the only thing that's coming to mind to explain why mornings tend to suck like crazy. It would also be a good reason why my sleep schedule always attempts to shift later and later. I seem to get more restful and uninterrupted sleep during the day or in the evening than I get in the overnight period. Add to that a natural preference for being active at night and it's no wonder that I'm a nightowl.

Anyway, I just figured out why I had no idea what was going on when I tried to read the last book of Salvatore's War of the Spider Queen series. It turns out I had miscounted and missed a book in the middle. It's really disconcerting to try to read a book and find that for some inexplicable reason main characters are dead. No real problem since I was planning to go to borders again tommorrow anyway. I have 2 more 25% off coupons and a 30% off coupon and just got a call today letting me know that A Hat Full of Sky was in. I have no many coupons in fact that I'm out of books that I want. I'm going to have to spend some time searching around on amazon tonight and see what other series have continued on while I haven't been paying attention.