May 8th, 2006

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Fairy tales for hippies

I was channel surfing a bit ago and ran across a Bravo West Wing marathon. Now, I haven't watched the show other than in reruns for quite a while and they seemed to be running episodes from this season i hadn't seen, so I paused for a few minutes to take a peek. Hilarity ensued.

Now, the West Wing has always been delusional, putting forth the premise of a magical, fairy world somewhere far removed from our own where a democrat actually can win a national election and become president. Yes, I know. How farfetched is that? It seems that not satisfied with this amount of fantastical story weaving, the writers dipped further into their bag of chimeras (and probaly quite a few dime bags) and now paint the hilarious premise that a liberal democrat could win the white house. I have no clue what they're smoking but I'll bet vala_amaris would like to bum a hit or two.

The way that the situation is in the country right now, it'd be a miracle if the dems could take the whitehouse, and this is even with all the problems beseting republican control. The people who study demographics will tell you that based on the census data from 2000, republican states ended up picking up far more population than democratic ones and thus gained more electoral clout in the south and mountain states. The idea that an unabashed lefty, hippie, liberal could gather the necessary 270 electoral votes is laughable. The dems' best chance is to float a moderate or conservative democrat, or at least one that can fake the part until the election is over. Well, that or hoping that the republicans somehow split over the nomination and hand them a victory by default like how clinton got elected in '94.

As it stands, if the republicans really want to keep the whitehouse, there's almost nothing the dems can do to take it. McCain is probaly unbeatable with his appeal to indies and even across the asile. The only question is will conservatives come to the conclusion that having McCain and a sure win is better than picking a more conservative canndidate and possibly splitting the party. According to a NBC poll conducted April 21-24, McCain is trouncing Hillary by almost a 10% margin in a hypothetical matchup.
dance centipedes vagina

The case that keeps on giving

Well, I had assumed that the fact that it looks like the Duke Lacrosse case likely wouldn't hit the courts for a trial until near a year from now, meant that there wouldn't be all that much more to chew over. At best, we would get a leaked DNA report on the 15th and then I figured there might be sporadic murmurs from one side or the other, but a general detante of silence. Of course I was wrong, or perhaps it's just going to take a weee bit longer for new information to stop coming in. Here's the latest buzz out of the report released by Duke:

Durham police initially said the accuser "kept changing her story and was not credible," according to a university report issued Monday.

The day after the March 13 team party where a 27-year-old black woman claimed she was raped, Durham police told campus officers that "this will blow over," the report said. It said that the woman initially told police she was raped by 20 white men, then said she was attacked by three.

This really is turning out to be something like christmas for the defense attorneys lately. First the previous accusation of rape, the reported mental instability by the accuser's own parents, and now this. This cross-examination is going to be a circus and not only that but it's going to look something like what happens when you chuck a pot roast into a piranah tank. Going from 20 men raped me to 3 men raped me is going to raise quite a few eyebrows if it's actually in some police report somewhere. Not to mention that whichever officers who stated they didn't believe her story because it was kept changing are going to make interesting defense witnesses when called.

Nifong better be praying those DNA tests come back positive and that the DNA was from some normally inexcessable spot on the accuser. It'll be near impossible for the defense to explain away the DNA of the defendent found in her cooch, but something more peripheral might not even sink them now the way things are going.