May 18th, 2006

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Crackpot scavanger hunt

So it looks like the da vinci code was roundly panned by the critics in its release at cannes. The new stories I read had people sprinting from the theater as the movie ended so they could be the first to savage the film. When you have people running from the movie so they can be the first to badmouth it, that tells you something. First person reports from the event also claims that there was no applause at the end but several scattered boo's.

The whole movie situation got me to thinking about how much I loathed the book and how I think that Dan Brown is bat-shit crazy. I've ranted before about how much I loathed it, but what really convinced me that he was off his gourd was the little mermaid comment. I always thought about flipping back through the book to find the quote, but the idea of retreading those pages always made me vaguely nauseous. Luckily for me, now offers the ability to search through their selection and I was able to run a quick scan on 'ariel' and pull up the passage with no problems.

How psychotically crazy is that? Red hair = Mary Magdalene. The authorities in the book should have been trying to put them into an insane asylum instead of prison.
dance centipedes vagina

My dirty little secret

I'm addicted to the Bravo reality show Top Chief. Yes, I know. I'll pause here so you can regain control over the howls of laughter.


I can't help it. The show has been a laugh riot of egomaniacs and nutjobs and it's been a ton of fun. It reminds me of the good old days of reality tv shows when everyone fit a nice stereotype and there was conflict on demand. They had a 'reunion' episode right before the two-part finale and it almost turned into a brawl as two of the contestants faced off and made threat postures like something out of Animal Kingdom. There was also a spate of tears, a couple of pile-ons and one contestant walking off the stage, too upset to continue. In a word, fantastic. Ever single stereotype of a chef being slightly crazed is confirmed in this series in the form of one character or another.

I don't suppose anyone else is watching this? Isn't tiffany eeeeevil?