June 9th, 2006

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Schmucks of a feather....

No surprise, but it looks like the response to Zarqawi's comeuppance depends on your level of assholery. Ranking in with a stupendous level, Hamas offered up a statement that was picked up by the WP.

The radical Islamic group Hamas, which won control of the Palestinian parliament in January, deplored the U.S. airstrike that killed Zarqawi and praised him as a martyr. "With hearts full of faith, Hamas commends brother-fighter Abu Musab . . . who was martyred at the hands of the savage crusade campaign which targets the Arab homeland, starting in Iraq," the statement said.

Well, god knows I feel better now that those wankers are running the PLO. God knows what Israel is always worried about.

On a sidenote, it looks like Israel isn't taking a wait and see attitude. Hamas recently added a known terrorist to their government as the head of their security forces. It looks like that position has now come vacant again.

An Israeli airstrike Thursday killed the director general of the Hamas-run Interior Ministry and leader of a radical armed group responsible for many rocket attacks on southern Israel, as well as three of his bodyguards, as they visited a militia training camp in the Gaza Strip.

It's been a good couple of days.
dance centipedes vagina

Hold my calls

Well, I've finally got 3 seasons of Babylon 5 downloaded and I've started to watch the first season. I don't think I've ever watched the whole thing through. I caught it sporadicly when it was on tv and until now, I've only had the 4th season and bits and chunks of 3 and 5.

Based on a conservative estimate, if I watch the whole series from start to finish without a break, it'll take around 95 hours. Factor in sleep and whatnot and I figure it'll be weeks and weeks before I get through the whole thing.

I've just finished watching the first few episodes and I just have to say that what I love the most about B5 is that it was one complete storyline. It's fantastic about how statements in the very first episode like Londo's prophetic vision actually come true in the last season. It's great that Sinclair's little flashback of the line ties in perfectly, including the exact same voice clip when we find out more information later. It's nice to have a series that at least feels like it was written as a complete whole instead of built up like a patchwork quilt.