July 10th, 2006

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The death of Mothzilla

This bug through the air conditioner vent thing is getting really tedious. 4-5 hours ago as I was lying in bed and close to dozing off, a hugeass moth started flying around the room. Frankly, I couldn't be bothered at the time to go and do anything about it. I figured I'd sort it out in the morning if it was still around. Just as I had decided to firmly ignore it and just go to bed, there's a sound of something hitting my table fan and the next thing I know, I'm being sprayed with moth bits. The damn thing actually flew into the fan and got himself ripped to pieces. bits of wings and shit showered themselves over my blanket. WTF?! In disbelief, I ended up flipping all the various pieces off onto the floor and went to bed. Now, hours later, I popped awake for no good reason and I thought I'd just share my incredulity before going back to sleep.
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Origins 2006: Day 4

Alrighty. Here is is as promised. If I can convince myself to, I'll also finish up the last day of recaps and put the entire thing to bed.

So lets see....where I did I leave off? Ahh, exhaustion. Yep, by saturday I was just completely beat. After the incremental sleep deprivation, the late night chat with sherilyn70 left me incredibly wiped. It was the only day where I didn't get up early enough to make use of my exhibitor badge to wander the hall early. I managed to haul myself out of bed, heavy headed and muttering curses in my head, around 10am and staggered my way to the convention center. I'll note that sherilyn70 seemed well-rested and chipper somehow, which seemed vaguely unfair to me. Morning people are an affront to nature and mankind IMO.

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