July 21st, 2006

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Dexcon 2006: Part II

I'm sure I mentioned this elsewhere, but it was on the 2nd day of dexcon that I noticed I had a problem when it came to the KB events I was running. I had turned the house upside down wednesday night after I got home and failed completely to find my KB set, both personal and demo, and the satchel that I carried it, and other card games around in. I have no clue when it went AWOL exactly but it seems pretty clear now that someone must've swiped it out of my car at some point. Thankfully, the con had a copy of KB and so did Randy, but my copy of Top Dogs and Kinder Bunnies had also gone missing. All in all, it was around $180 dollars worth of games that went poof. As you might imagine, this did not put me in a chipper sort of mood.

Other than that, day 2 ran pretty smoothly.

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