September 26th, 2006

dance centipedes vagina


I'm only a couple episodes from the end of Wonderfalls and it's still pushing up the twisted meter to all new heights. I'm just shocked that something like this even made it on the air. It's just...derranged. The plotlines don't run like you think they're going to and there are plenty of parallel tracks where there's support that Jaye is simply a nutjob. It's no wonder that the producers thought of running an entire season where she's locked up in an insane asylum. They've managed to feed both sides of the sane vs crazy senarios so that the audience can't quite be sure what is going on.

While this makes for a really fasinating show, I can also see it turning off a ton of people who might not like the ambiguity that the main character is either schizophrenic or chatting with Lucifer. That weirdass Facts of Life theme song murder plot alone would probaly give most people the willies. With 2 episodes left, I'm still wondering if there's going to be some sort of 'kill them all' message ending in a forever unresolved cliffhanger involving Jaye and a corpse. This show has also showed me that I really don't want God to talk to me if He's going to be a dick about it. I'll bet Joan of Arcadia never had these problems.

So, other than wonderfalls, not a whole lot is going on at the moment. Southern Exposure III is this weekend and I'll be trekking down to Cherry Hill to run games and events there. A palpable lack of excitement is in the air about the whole thing.
dance centipedes vagina

Reach for your sidearm

Finished with wonderfalls and on now to Deadwood. It's a change of pace for sure and right off the bat, I'm not sure if I like it or not. I've never been a fan of westerns of any stripe and had no dreams of living in the old west. From what I've seen, it's just dirty and dagnasty and I want none of it. Certainly Deadwood seems to be trying quite hard to reinforce that opinion. Hell, I'm not sure I'd feel good living in this town with kevlar and a howitzer in my backyard.

I haven't quite figured out the name of the ex-marshal's friend who he's opening up the hardware store with him (no clue if it's just cruddy sound or something to do with how they're speaking but I keep missing words here and there) but I'm pretty sure he's a dead man. I mean, he's friendly and tries to resolve conflicts in a genial manner without escalating the situation. He might as well be a walking corpse. If this were a movie, you'd know right off the bat the only way he could be any more dead is if he were wearing a red shirt and kept telling people how he had only 3 days to go until retirement. No doubt his untimely demise will cause his already iffily-balanced friend to go all apeshit and kill whoever whacked his friend.

Well, I managed to figure out why I was so confused about some of the characters for a while. Apparently I was mixing up Wild Bill and Buffalo Bill in my head. I kept wondering where his little wild west circuis was.