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Good day. Long day. It was a BBQ with the local game group today, the ones who I've usually met up with at the Panera Bread and some of whom are trying to get a DnD group started with me. It was Cath's birthday and she was turning 42. I feel a bit like a heel since it completely slipped my mind to go out and get her a present or something. I don't know any of these people all that well and it's still in the early stages of the whole getting to know them process. We've only met maybe 3-4 times at the Panera bread and one previous party. Overall, I'm very happy with how things are going and I'll be even happier when we finally get the RPG group started up. I'm looking forward to getting a Warlock up and running and whomping some ass.

It's sorta funny really when you think about it. The previous gaming group I ran with mostly consisted of mostly libertarians and the stray liberal. This time around, I'd imagine that most of them would score well into the hippie range. I'm sure part of that is due in part to the fact that 5 of the core people are gay. One actually had to leave early tonight to attend some sort of Bear party. The two that end up hosting the party at their house, 'The Bills', are paired up as well. I wonder how well you have to know some people before you can start discussing politics and the like. It might be interesting to debate some issues like civil unions vs gay marriage or all sorts of other rigamarole. It's hardly important but one of the things I've always liked is arguing politics with friends. It's an entertaining sort of pasttime and it tells you a lot about how a person thinks and their worldview.

So back to the day's events. I actually had a late start ..... (So this message got interrupted and delayed for a good 6 hours or so. First Hades dropped me a line to show me her stellar sketches for the SSOTWWTLM t-shirts. They're fantastic and she even said she would draw me in holding a bloody flail. What more can you ask for. Just as Hades was wondering off to bed, Molesta rang and wanted to chat. By the time that finished up I had pretty much lost track and interest in what I was typing out here and ended up puttering around till around 5:30 when I went to take a shower. All nice and clean, I figured i'd get back to this so I can then restart the computer. Damn memory leaks really did a number on it and it's been up without a restart for a while.)

Long story short. Got there late. Party was slow getting started. Wore the utero shirt. Cath was the only one who noticed at first. Seemed to get a pretty positive response. Spiffyness. Helped grill buns and hotdogs. Utero smells like smoke and ash. Eat hot dogs sans buns. Played two games of guillotine. Saw some australian football which is pretty damn whacky. Could not eat brownies or any of the three or so pies. Fooey. Went home to pick up additional games Cath requested. Played Bang! Played Carcasonne with all the expansions. Talked about DnD, gymnastics, crazy cow wives, and other topics with Cath and Bill once everyone else had left. Went home.

Only one other thing of note happened today, and I'm sorry to bury it here instead of giving it an entry of it own like it deserves. MY DOMO-KUN HATS ARRIVED TODAY!!!! They are fantastic. More on them and the rocky road it took to get them here after I get half a day of sleep or so.

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