January 12th, 2007

dance centipedes vagina


From: "mac72@vt.edu" <mac72@vt.edu>

To: htlan@ncsu.edu,

Date: Jan 12, 2007 5:15 PM

Subject: poker tonight/ directions

poker my apartment 7:30 or 8:00 doesnt matter but somewhere between there.


Get on Tyvola Road (towards 77) if you dont know where tyvola road is its the
road very close to work or you can look it up.

Take tyvola until to the intersection of Tryon street and make a left (theres a
driving range on the left side of the road)

Stay in the right hand lane and you'll see Shopton Road at the light and make a

Make a left very shortly after into an apartment complex (Courtney Oaks)

Make your first right and you'll be at a gate call this number 704-644-2515 and
the gate will magically open for you and i'll explain how to get to my
apartment when you call.

See you soon--
hugs and kisses

Just got that through email. I think it might be the first time I've ever gotten a misdirected email before. I am sorta disconcerted by getting 'hugs and kisses' from someone named mac, even if it is mistaken identity.

If anyone out there wants to go to a poker night in Charlotte, North Carolina, you're welcome to my invite.
dance centipedes vagina

Na-na Na Na, Hey Hey Hey, Goodbye....

Duke Lacrosse Prosecutor Wants Out

RALEIGH, N.C. -- Facing ethics charges that could lead to his disbarment, the embattled district attorney in the Duke lacrosse sexual assault case has asked the state attorney general's office to appoint a special prosecutor to take over the case.

Noelle Talley, a spokeswoman for the attorney general, said Friday in an e-mail that District Attorney Mike Nifong sent a letter requesting the special prosecutor. She did not immediately return calls seeking comment.

Nifong did not return several calls from The Associated Press. His attorney also declined to comment.

It was not immediately clear what impact the decision would have on the troubled criminal prosecution of Reade Seligmann, Collin Finnerty and David Evans. North Carolina Attorney General Roy Cooper's office has previously declined to comment when asked about the prospect of taking over the case.

"If he accepts it, then they would transfer the files over, and they would probably have a lot of interviews to do," said Peg Dorer, director of the North Carolina Conference of District Attorneys. "It would probably stop things for a while I imagine."

Under North Carolina law, only a district attorney can formally request a special prosecutor. The request can be made when there are potential conflicts of interest, when a case is particularly complex or when there are other unusual circumstances.

I'm really sorta sad to see Mikey go. I was really starting to enjoy watching him twist in the wind. So much for the almost daily entertainment of seeing him slide deeper and deeper into the pit. It's almost a pity. It's pretty clear that without him driving this lynching, the case is dead in the water. There's no sane prosecutor on earth who would take this jalopy forward to trial even if God himself came down and offered to be a character witness for the accuser. Mikey will get his just desserts for what he's done. Now we just have to hope that whichever special prosecutor is selected will give the lying whore her comeuppance.