February 27th, 2007

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There's spoo in your poo

Surprisingly, there's more on the duke lacrosse front. I think most people, me included, figured that everyone was twiddling their thumbs waiting for the new prosecutors to sort through the case. I certainly didn't anticipate more evidence to come out one way or the other. However, according to the court filing today, there's been more withheld DNA information. Recall that Nifong and Meehan (the head of the lab) had conspired together to not turn over DNA test results showing multiple samples of male DNA from 5 unique individuals, none of whom were the defendents nor any lacrosse player. It turns out now that there was even more DNA found.

DNA Security discovered the DNA of at least two males in the accuser’s rectum that did not match the Defendants, their lacrosse teammates, or anyone else who provided a reference DNA sample.


While we know that it's at least theoretically possible that semen can be detected in the vagina for up to a week after intercourse, it's highly unlikely that the same can be said for the anus. The accuser stated to police that she had had no sexual contact with anyone since the previous weekend and that individual had been her boyfriend. That makes this and other DNA evidence incredibly exculpatory. If we take her at her word, this DNA could have only come from her alleged attackers and we also know through the matching that her attackers could not have been a lacrosse player.