April 18th, 2007

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One shot. One kill.

You know what really pissing me off about school shootings and the like? The indiscriminate nature of it all. It offends me to the extreme that these wankers will just go around killing anyone who crosses their path when they go on their bloody rampage. Now, I'm not against bloody rampages per se. In fact, I like to think that I've got a little blood bath of my own held in potentia to be pulled out of the closet one day when I need it. Indiscriminate bloody rampages, however, are just indefensible. At least kill people who you specifically loathe or have, in your mind, done you wrong. Sure it might not be justifiable but at least then it makes some sort of sense. If I were going to kill bunches of people (oh, one day), I would be certain to have a list of specific targets and then only pop those on the list. I just can't see the point of off'ing the mailman or something just because he happened to cross my path while I had a loaded gun.

I'm sure that some of you think that this is a bit of tortured logic, but it makes sense to me.

On another note, it seems that people are all abuzz about the fact that the killer was Asian. It was about time I guess. God knows we've lagged behind on the whole racial spree killer scoreboard but nutjob managed to work his way to the top of the leaderboard in one go. Overall, I'm not sure if we should disqualify him for not being Asian enough. I mean, he was a fucking English major. WTF? An Asian English major is a contradiction in terms. No wonder he was fucked up in the head. It's also been reported that he's Korean and you know how they are. I'm still waiting for confirmation that he ended up blundgeoning some of the other students to death with his ginormous forehead.

I cant' help but think that this fiasco would have ended up differently if Virginia Tech hadn't banned all guns on campus a while back. The one thing I don't understand about gun control advocates is their inability to comprehend the fact that fucking criminals don't obey the law. The only people you end up restricting in the end are the law abiding ones. If someone else in that building had been armed and winged a few shots at gooky, you can be sure he wouldn't have been slowly strolling down the hallways. God only knows how many lives it could have saved in the end.