May 7th, 2007

dance centipedes vagina

You all suck

I hate every single one of you rat bastards reading this right now. I hope you burn in lakes of hellfire and ravens pluck out your eyes. Why you might ask? Because I know that none of you jerks are watching The Shield and I am practically bouncing off the walls wishing that I had someone to talk about the show with.

I thought last season was amazing but the last couple episodes I've seen have been beyond fantastic. It's all tying together. All the crap from the very first episode in season 1 and hitting all the major plot points throughout the show. The death of Terry, the Armenian money train, Asaveda's blowjob moment, everything! It's like seeing some master author weave together all the disparate plot points for one great all-encompasing climax.

For some inexplicable reason, the French are actually seeing the show earlier than the US audience and with 2 episodes showing a week. I've been bittorrenting the lot of them and that means I'm around 4 eps ahead right now. I just watched #9 and it's fan-freaking-tastic.
dance centipedes vagina

That's all she wrote

And so ends another adventure in event registration. Everything ended more or less smoothly. I managed to snatch every event I wanted without problems, including a couple of the hard to acquire ones. TD registration ended up being a complete fubar for me, but mock26 picked up the slack there and managed to snag the three runs we needed. It's funny really. The damn system is such a craps shoot sometimes. If you happen to hit it just right, it's smooth sailing in and out. If you're just a wee bit off, it grinds to a halt like someone stuck a spear in the spokes.

I guess all that's left to worry about now is when origins will get their registration up and running. I'll probably have to face more headaches there since I'm heading down with a crowd this time. There will be 6 of us total and none of the others have gone ot one of these ticked cons in years if ever. I ended up buying all of their badges which means that there's the distinct possibility that they'll all have to log into my account to grab events. It just opens the possibility of a clusterfuck. Oh well. I guess there's nothing to do but keep my fingers crossed.

Oh, and the times for the TD events are:

Puzzle: Thursday, 6:24 pm

Combat: Thursday, 9:37 pm

We're still looking for one more for the puzzle run and 3 for the combat. If you're interested, drop me a line.