May 21st, 2007

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Well, Spring Gathering ended as more or less a wash. From a health standpoint, it wasn't as bad as I feared but it certainly wasn't smooth sailing either. I was able to keep functional for the most part with the meds and my other stopgap measures and I only had one real breakdown period. There were periods of unpleasantness but at least they were generally functional. One problem I'm going to have for sure is anything that requires an early morning start. It just takes me too long to get things running int he mornings. Meds have to kick in and inflammation has to be given time to die back down. If I try to start the day without that prep time, things go all wahooni shaped. Everything snowballs into agony and then it's hours of trying figure out how much more codeine to take before the barfing starts.

As for Spring Gathering itself, things could have been better. There were some serious issues with the whole thing and I don't think I'm going to elaborate because God knows who's reading this. Suffice to say, the entire freaking Con sometimes reminds me of a bad highschool afterschool special. It just seems so incredibly petty and cliquish sometimes. As I was telling Lori, it seems like we don't go to the Cons to see people we like, since we can see most of them any time we want. We really go to spend time with the people we loathe.