June 19th, 2007

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Fuck that

I'm in the midst of watching Blackhawk Down right now. I've seen it before but it was ages ago and yesterday, I caught a chunk of it on tv. That snippet was enough to make me want to watch the whole thing again so I bittorrented the thing last night. I think I might have even written a LJ entry ages back about seeing the movie the first time.

What gets me whenever I see this movie or ones like it is how much the Rules of Engagement in this situation sucked donkey balls. The fact that you can't shoot unless directly fired upon is bullshit. I can't see how in the world soldiers can be expected to keep to rules that tie their hands like that. I don't think that we should be napalming entire villages somewhere, but if you see someone with a weapon, you should be able to shoot the fucker in the head, ecspecially in a situation where there is active hostility going on. Frankly, if a group of gunmen were using women and children as shields, I'd mow down the lot of them. It's only when you capitulate to tactics like that, that they function. In effect, you're only encouraging them to take hostages and use human shields because it's so effective. We see it now, all the time, in afghanistan or in gaza where the militants purposely hide out near civilians thinking it will cause the military to hesitate or turn aside. They only do it because they know it works, and when we can't pull the trigger, it only encourages the tactic.

I miss the good old days of war when the goals were clear. Kill the enemy, win, and go home. It seems that nowadays, everything is all fucked when we try to 'humanize' the entire concept of war. There is NOTHING civilized about armed conflict. Innocent fucking people get killed and the sooner you accept that the sooner you can crush the enemy and end the conflict. This ridiculous focus on keeping down casualties and misplaced sensitivity only ends up prolonging the conflict, in net effect causing more death. Even in the 'good' war of WWII the people in charge realized this when they firebombed Dresden or dropped the nukes on Japan. It's something that we seem to have forgotten in the meantime.