August 13th, 2007

dance centipedes vagina

Last day here, First day there

Welp, I'll be leaving for Indianapolis tommorrow around noonish. This is my last day here in Chicago and everything's been pretty spiffy so far. Despite all the stories I hear from trip, there have been no drive-bys, no free blowjobs from 13 year olds, and the Oscar Meyer Weiner mobile has not tried to run me over. Yesterday was the party at Noelle's place and it went off without a hitch. We played a buncha various card games and had a small BBQ. Today, it's a little bit of shopping at a local costume store here and then some token trading with John and Melissa. I'll also be picking up the voodoo doll sometime today from Sew (YIPPEE). That's going to be a huge load off my mind. The banner I'm going to use for KB also arrived a few days ago so I'm pretty much all set. The only thing left to do is to sit down and think a little bit about what I want to say during the event. I never even think of scripting things out until the last minute. Last year, I was writing those damn speech bubbles on the floor around 10 minutes before the door opened.

I should be getting into Indy a bit after 2pm and I figure I'll be all set to head out by 4 or so. I'm going to meet up with jirel at the Ram and some others will be popping in as the night wears on.
dance centipedes vagina

Voice Post

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“Alright, I think I found the greatest restaurant ever. It a ___ restaurant & it's like I'd fallen in to a parallel dimension. I'm really upset with John & Melissa having never shown me this place before. There is a guy up there playing poker & stuff. The name of the restaurant is the Chicago Brouwhouse(?). It's absolutely fucking hilarious, I mean there's beers the size of your God darn head, it's practically ring(?) over like a Chinese lab with dead ___ or something it's so freaking classic. Not to mention the music, I'm hoping you can hear some of this in the background because they were playing these ___ when we got in here, it's like the classic you know, the beer barrel poker. Fan freaking tastic, & 1 of the waitresses who speaks with this thick German accent like they even support(?) the waitresses. Fantastic. I mean, yeah this place is great, I'm ___.”

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