September 1st, 2007

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There are penalties for peeking

Right off the bat, I just want to say that I blame kat15lee wholey and completely for this.

The backstory is that she's been posting some weird drama-related stuff over on her LJ lately and it all seemed to stem from the variety of crazy ass communities she's on. I suggested that perhaps it wouldn't be a bad idea to take a step back and maybe drop a few of them and surface for a breath of sanity. Right after tossing off this comment, curiosity got the better of me and I thought I took a look at her user profile and wandered about clicking communities to see exactly what they were about. At this point, I'm not even sure where I ended up leaping from community to community through internal links. I found truly disturbing things like Inspector Gadet porn (Nooooo! Not Penny! Bad dog, Brain! Bad Dog!), some woman riding a giant carebear with a strap-on, weird furry videos, etc. In short, if you wanted to make a daily holy WTF? post, some of these communities are absolutely spot on.

Despite all the various forms of depravity I stumbled over, one of the first videos I found sorta stuck with me for some reason and I thought I'd share. It's not all that disturbing but I found it to be sorta hilarious. The last 10 seconds or so looks like complete product placement. It reminded me immediately of when we were discussing the Transformer movie and how many companies payed to have their goods displayed prominantly. It almost makes me wonder if Nokia sent this girl a few extra bucks on the side.

Not Work Safe

Pr0n Ahead

Here There Be Dragons

dance centipedes vagina

Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1486

Acworth Kitten Almost Set In Stone

ACWORTH, Ga. -- Construction workers at a high school were shocked to find a small kitten trapped inside poured concrete on Friday.

The small kitten almost became a permanent part of a school under construction when it got trapped beneath concrete that was being poured to secure a set of stairs.

Michael Vinson is the construction worker who found the kitten. He said he heard the kitten meowing three days ago.

"I thought I heard it three days ago, but I wasn't sure," Vinson said. "It was real faint and then it stopped. I thought, 'Surely there is not a cat in these stairs. It couldn't be. There's no way.'"

When Vinson returned to the work site Friday, he said he heard the noises again.

The kitten had apparently crawled underneath the stairs before concrete was scheduled to be poured.

"The cement had been poured around him," Vinson said. "And then he had some fall down in where he was at. He had it on him and there were chunks around him. So he was kind of wedged."

Vinson drilled a hole to find the cat and then he hit another hole.

"Every time I chiseled a little bit, he would come forward," Vinson said.

The kitten was rescued and rushed to veterinarian Michael Good's office, where he was treated for dehydration and shaved.

Good said the kitten is lucky to be alive.

"He's had no food or water for five or six days," Good said.

Vinson said he has decided to take the kitten home and name it 'Stone.'

"Dr. Good suggested I name him Stone because he looked like a stone when I brought him in," Vinson said.

Stone may not be a permanent part of the high school building, but his story may be. water for 6 days and covered in concrete. Ya, I think I'm going to have to call Satanic on that. This is an even more egregious case than those tanker cats we hear surviving for months at sea with no food nor water to sustain them. As far as I know, setting cement is also not porous. WTH was it breathing? It's the work of the devil.

On a sidenote, it would be sorta interesting if the cat had been entombed. It reminds me of those simpsons episodes where they they pan down to some location underground and you get to see all the layers of earth and foundation and they always have skeletons and the like. And no one ever has found Jimmy Hoffa. I'm sure his corpse is embedded in some building's foundation somewhere.