September 8th, 2007

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Chicago/Gencon 2007 Recap: Part II

Well, I guess there's no point in waiting any longer for votes to come in. The recap has a pretty commanding lead and I seriously doubt there are enough masturbating cookie fans out there to sway the vote at this point. I will get back to the masturbing cookies at some point though. After all, I have pictures.

Anyway, it's more than past time for me to get to this. I'm going to see how much content I can cram into this entry and if I'm lucky, I'll be able to get through a fair amount before the urge to stab myself in the eye with a pair of sissors becomes overwhelming.

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dance centipedes vagina

Better late than....

Guess what I found today? An envelope with my gencon badge and tickets. It looks like those wankers must've made my crap afterall, but it must not have gotten here in time. I figured I had dodged the will-call bug when nothing had arrived by the time I left for Chicago. Turns out that not only did they fubar by mailing the thing, but they were pretty slow about it too. The envelope turned up in a pile of old mail collected while I was on the trip.

On interesting note, my badge lists Playroom Entertainment under my name. I wonder what's up with that? I'm pretty sure I didn't have an exhibitor's badge this time around since those usually say 'Exhibitor', right? It might just be a carry over from SoCal where I worked for Playroom but it's got me wondering. If this was an exhibitor badge, then I certainly missed out at gencon for not having it. Getting into the exhibit hall a hour early would have been a real boon considering that I didn't find time for it at all until Sunday. I could have swept up a lot of swag in a hour's time if there were no crowds around.
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Never trust a limey

Four months ago, on May 3, her daughter Madeleine went missing in the nearby Portuguese resort of Praia da Luz, apparently abducted from her bed after Kate and her husband Gerry left the three-year-old and her younger siblings unattended to dine with friends nearby. Since then, the McCanns have spearheaded a high-profile international campaign to find Madeleine. They have traveled across Europe and to the U.S., attended an audience with the Pope and roped in celebrities such as footballers David Beckham and Cristiano Ronaldo to keep the case in the public eye and encourage the police to redouble their efforts to find Madeleine. But as Kate McCann submitted to a second lengthy interrogation by police in the past two days, it became clear that the couple themselves were now the focus of the investigation.

They have been named arguidos, official suspects under Portuguese law. This means police have evidence they believe could point to the couple's involvement, but neither McCann have been arrested or charged with a crime. Robert Murat, a resident of Praia da Luz, was named an arguido at the start of the investigation but has protested his innocence and has never faced any charges. Press reports in Portugal and the U.K. have suggested that new forensic evidence may finally provide stronger clues about what might have happened to Madeleine.

So it looks like the police in Portugal now think that the limey parents killed their own daughter and kicked up the media frenzy to obfuscate the issue. If the police weren't idiots, they would have taken a good look at the parents right off the bat. I did a quick news search and it seems that a couple British papers are vilifying the move. I've never really thought about it before, but those fucking limeys are pretty xenophobic as far as their newspapers go. I'm sure that the same ideas can be found in any populace, but you don't usually see it on the front page of national papers. It's at least titled as opinion and put into the editorials or something.

The most recent information released by a friend of the family is that the kid's blood has been found in a rental car used by the parents. As far as I'm concerned, if that blood evidence holds up, it's going to be a silver bullet. I mean, WTF. Blood turning up in a car that you rent 25 days after your kid supposedly was kidnapped is going to be a bitch to explain away. I read in one limey rag that one of the relatives claims the police planted the blood. Smooth move, moron. Where the fuck would the police get a sample of the kids blood? They wouldn't have been called into this case until after she was missing. Well, that is unless there's some giant conspiracy where the police were the ones who really kidnapped her and are now holding her hostage somewhere, bleeding her so they can plant blood evidence. Hey, it's a longshot but you never know, right? It's that same sort of bullshit reasoning (and the fact there were 12 morons sitting in the jury box) that let OJ get off.

I'm really hoping that the parents did do it if for no other reason than I'm sick of running across the Find Madelaine campaign. It's like the cable news networks obsession with missing white women, but more sustained. It would be a good shot of schadenfreude to see them all have to franticly backpeddle from their sappy bullcrap. We need a good Susan Smith'ing every once and a while. It helps to keep assholes in check.

Now that I think about it, the Duke Lacrosse case played exactly the same role. The only difference is that the people involved there are incapable of learning. Those decerebrated assmonkeys are still clinging to the idea that 'something happened'. When Mike Nifong reported to jail yesterday, there were still idiots out there holding up signs that said "We believe in your integrity and goodness". I swear to God, someone should go and euthanize these people before they breed.


My mistake, it turns out that the story being floated isn't just that the police were planting evidence....

Kate’s mum Susan, 61, accused Portuguese cops of planting evidence to FRAME her. She insisted: “This is a set-up. Maddie is Kate and Gerry’s world. They would never do anything to harm her.”

Susan said of reports that Maddie’s DNA was found in the car hired by the couple after the youngster vanished: “It must have been planted by the perpetrator.”

WTF?! That's right. The person who kidnapped the girl was working with the police in this. He snatched the girl half a year ago and waited around with her just so that he could pass her blood on to the police who then plant it in a rental car. That makes a shitload of sense. Just admit it already, you daffy old bat. If there actually is blood and they DNA test it to be the girl's, your daughter fucking killed her.
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Voice Post:

264K 1:26
“Wishing on a dream that seems far off,
Hoping it'll come today.
Into the starlit night,
Foolish dreamers turn their gaze,
Wishing on a shooting star.

But, what if that star is not to come?
Will their dreams fade to nothing?
When the horizon darkens most,
We all need to believe there is hope.

Is an angel watching closely over me?
Can there be a guiding light I've yet to see?
I know my heart should guide me, but,
There's a hole within my soul.

What will fill this emptiness inside of me?
Am I to be satisfied without knowing?

I wish, then, for a chance to see,
Now all I need,

Is my star to come...”

Transcribed by: henwy

Bonus points if you can actually recognize where the song comes from.