October 16th, 2007

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A complete lack of surprise

Looks like someone snapped a picture of 2 of the 'Jena 6' at the BET hiphop awards this past week. Under most circumstances I guess I might be surprised or outraged or whatever, but I figure this is pretty par for the course. It somehow seems fitting that these two chuckleheads would be given this boost of fame and living it up. After all, all they did was beat the crap out of someone and kick him in the head while he was unconscious.

Hey, maybe we'll see those guys who hung up the noose at the highschool invited to the country music awards this year. Don't think so? Ya, me neither.

Holy crap. While searching around it turns out that one of the 6 also had a myspace page where he was posting pictures of himself with hundred dollar bills stuffed into his mouth, supposedly from the donations people were sending in for his defense.

There are other photos of him and some other guy wearing 'free the jena 6' t-shirts and sporting all sorts of jewelery and crap. It looks like some people grabbed all the photos from his myspace and made a video gallery of them on youtube.
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Only a smidge too much....

The best parody is that which you a can't decipher from the truth. This could have been close if it just reined it back a little. Still, I could just about see this sort of crap flying from Sharpton's mouth back 15 years ago or so.

Noose Incidents Spark Sharpton Call for Rope Ban

by Scott Ott

(2007-10-16) — In the wake of several recent noose-display incidents, meant to frighten African-Americans by conjuring memories of America’s history of violent racism, the Rev. Al Sharpton today testifies before a House panel to call for “a nationwide ban on sales, to members of the oppressor class, of rope segments longer than 24 inches.”

The House panel convenes to probe whether justice was served in the case of the Jena 6, a group of non-racist black teens accused in the gang beating of a white youth in Louisiana following a noose-display incident.

Mr. Sharpton, who rallied thousands of activists last month to demand lenient treatment of the Jena 6, will also call on Congress to decriminalize gang beatings in cases where the victim is suspected of displaying racist symbols.

“Just because you’re a victim of violence, doesn’t mean that you’re not a hate criminal,” Mr. Sharpton will reportedly tell the panel. “By the same token, sometimes a gang beating is an appropriate way to exercise free speech against the hate criminal … you know, speaking truth to power.”
dance centipedes vagina

Worlds Collide

It's always sort of interesting when two of your seperate interests or fandoms come crashing together in unexpected ways. I imagine for most people this probably involves some piece of slash or shipping in which diverse characters meet in unlikely situations in order to swap biological samples. In the case I just stumbled over, it's a clash between Tanga and True Dungeon Treasure Tokens.

A while back, Tanga solicited people to send in random bits of flotsom. The items would all be assembled into a collage of sorts and the whole thing would then be turned into a jigsaw puzzle. Welp, the puzzle has finally become avaliable for sale at a price of $14.99 plus shipping. The interesting part is what someone mailed in for the puzzle.

In case you can't immediately find Waldo, here's a blowup:

Surprise, surprise. It seems sorta fitting that it appears next to the money. I wonder if any particular thought was put into sending in 50' of role as opposed to some other token. Or maybe someone just dropped a handful into an envelope and that's what the Tanga guys decided to use in the end.

I'm not inclined to buy a copy of the puzzle but the unexpected confluence was a dash of unexpected happy.