January 8th, 2008

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Hicksville speaks

Well, the New Hampshire primary has begun. Every year, there's one pissant little hillbilly town that holds its primary at midnight and all 18 of the town's residents gather together to cast their ballots. Welcome to the spectacle that is Dixville Notch. If you click on the link you can see how the votes have turned out in past years. They might not be very prophetic yokels, but at least after the voting I hear there's a hoedown and they burn all the reporters not fleet enough of foot to escape.

So how did it turn out this year?

Democratic Primary: (10 voters)

* Barack Obama - 7
* John Edwards - 2
* Bill Richardson - 1
* Hillary Clinton - 0

Republican Primary: (8 voters)

* John McCain - 4
* Mitt Romney - 2
* Rudy Giuliani - 2
* Mike Huckabee - 0

Believe it or not, 18 is actually 100% of the residents voting. When I said this was a pissant podunk, I wasn't kidding. They probably have to import daylight by pack mule.

Anyway, it looks like things aren't going well for poor, poor, Hillary. Maybe if she squeezes out a few more tears, she can at least pick up a bonus sympathy vote. You have to sort of feel sorry for her though, if you think about it. Here she planned and schemed and plotted, biding her time and putting together this run for president that was over a decade in the making. She lined up the big wigs, she raised huge amounts of cash, she did everything she was supposed to.....then out of the blue some uppity junior senator pops out of nowhere and beats all her plans to hell. Now, she can't even unload and really go negative on his ass because he's black and preaching hope. That's always been plan A in the book of Clinton politics, all the while screaming about the politics of personal destruction, and she must be lost not being able to use it. Man, it's like God himself has popped down to kick Hillary in the face. The best laid plans....
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Satanic Cat Watch: Day 1619

Woman Drowns In Rain Barrel

SANTA FE, N.M. -- A woman drowned when she apparently tried to retrieve a kitten from a 55-gallon rain barrel at her home southeast of Santa Fe.

Santa Fe County Sheriff Greg Solano said 48-year-old Deborah Hill was found by her husband Sunday afternoon after he returned home from running errands. Solano said the couple had dragged the plastic barrel inside their home because they wanted to thaw ice that had formed in the barrel.

The barrel, which Solano said was tied to a door so it wouldn't tip, was about one-third full of water when the kitten fell in. Solano said Hill apparently was standing on something to reach down for the kitten when she slid in.

Which is exactly what the kitten had planned all along. Just think for a moment how diabolical this murder plot must've been. This woman was killed drowning in a fucking rain barrel! You know how I'm certain that this was a planned and calculated murder? Notice how they make no mention about that the kitten drowned as well. That's right. We all know they would have mentioned the dead cat as a human interest story if it had died as well. No doubt when the husband got home, the kitten was sitting on top of her lifeless corpse, looking pleased with itself. Frankly, now that it has had a taste of murder, I woudln't give the husband the life expectancy of a snowball in Hell. Within a month we'll find that he's died with his head in the oven, no doubt having gone in to 'rescue' the kitten. If I were his relatives, I'd be buying some pretty heavy duty life insurance for the guy. It's a sure bet.
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I tend to exhaust people

I got bored last night and decided to drop an entry on one of those add_me communities again. Nothing very interesting has been happening lately and I figured it might be nice to see some new additions to the F-list. Everything always seems to go in cycles nowadays with LJ. People fall away with time for one reason or another and are refreshed with the new (and potentially insane).

All in all, I guess I've been pretty lucky with random friends searches. Well, I did stumble over CBG the first time around and some other crazy drama-lamas. All in all though there have been plenty of positives. It's just sad that what usually cues a new search is the fact that the people you've known the longest begin to vanish.

So anyway, welcome to all the new people and I hope that none of you are insane or hippies.
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Fringe benefits

Yay! One of the side-advantages of flipping those Wii's on ebay just arrived today. Since I used the Amazon Visa to make the purchased, I accumilated a hell of a lot of points redeamable for gift certificates. All in all, I've picked up $50 with some points left over to boot. Not a bad bonus considering how often I make purchases from amazon.

In a similar vein, I was over browsing The Consumerist site and ran across a blog which tracked the Wii prices on eBay over the past couple of months. The methodology is a wee bit suspect since he didn't seperate out bundles from just the consoles, but it does give you a short of idea about the fluxuations.

I might not be completely happy about how I made out, but a profit is a profit, right? I never did get around to tallying it all up but it wasn't insignificant.

It looks like my joy over the Senseo might have been a bit pre-mature. I was so happy that someone, anyone, bid on the thing so I could get it out of my room. If no one wanted it, I would have been more than satisfied just to chuck it out a window. So when it finally sold for a little over $15 (with $20 shipping) it was happy days. Right up to the point where the person hasn't payed for two days now and a search through their bidding history shows they won two senseos in the past few days. Feh. The moron probably overbid and is now trying to weasel out of paying. I keep sending invoices but there's been no response. It looks like I'm never going to get this piece of crap out of here.