January 23rd, 2008

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Bubba strikes first

I dunno why, but it always surprises me whenever I'm reminded at just how white trash Bill Clinton is. It's easy to forget sometimes because he can seem so congenial and charming when he wants to be. What people often forget is that the veneer is thin and there's nothing soft about the guy. It's to my eternal shame that I was one of those people who believed his whole finger-wagging, 'I did not have sexual relations with that woman' speech. I just couldn't believe that someone could lie so brazenly with what seemed like righteous indignation.

Lately, old billy boy has been running his mouth and going around beating up on Obama. It's almost completely unprecedented for a former president to wade into the partisan muck. Most people expect some degree of self-control and poise. It's apparently gotten bad enough that even other democrats are trying to pull his leash. I just find it incredibly hypocritical that Bill, according to some the first black president, is going around firing all cylinders trying to bury the first black man with a shot at the nation's highest office. It'd be different if Obama were a slimeball or waging a dirty campaign, but so far he's stayed more above-board than any candidate in either party. To watch a former president trying to smear a guy who hasn't engaged in any muck raking of his own is just appalling.
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Not bloody likely

So I got a call from Chase today, the backers of my Amazon Visa card, about possible suspicious activity. I figured that it would just be a false alarm and I had received such automated warnings before, though usually from other credit cards. The only thing I had purchased recently was Dragon Quest Joker for the Nintendo DS and I though it odd that a $25 charge might set off alarms when I had received diddily about all those Wii's and whatnot I purchased a while back.

Anyway, I made the call back and jumped through all the security hoops and was asked when I had last used my card. I responded just a few days ago for $25. So I didn't make a purchase from Too Brands for $4,823.21? WTF? I was baffled at the time and on a crappy cell connection to boot so I wasn't too clear on what the charge was for, other than emphaticly stating I had made no such purchase. Out of curiosity, I called back later just to check and an internet search confirmed that 'Too Brands' is some company for baby and teen apparel. According to my google search:

Too Brands, a specialty retailer for young girl’s apparel operating two specialty retailing concepts under ‘Limited Too’ and ‘Justice’ brand names throughout the United States.

Ya, if I was going to blow almost $5,000 on a spending binge, it would not be here. Just looking at the website makes me want to projectile vomit.

What really annoys me about this is I almost never use this credit card unless it's for Amazon purchases. I assume if Amazon had a security breach it would be big news and I would have heard of something by now. The only other place I've used the card is a site called Graveyardmall.com. Ya, not exactly a name to inspire confidence exactly. It seems to use the yahoo store system for billing though and you would think that would be pretty secure.

Oh well. All's well that ends well, I guess. I'll have to call Amazon so they can fiddle with the billing information for the order I placed but it dosen't seem like there will be any real reprocussions. I should get a new card in a week or so.
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PC bullshit

I'm watching We Were Soldiers on TNT and those rat bastards cut out my favorite quote of the whole movie. It's the part where Mel Gibson's character is reassuring one of his officers who's a bit uncertain about the future. Gibson suggests that they might offer up a prayer and here is what he said:

Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: Our Father in Heaven, before we go into battle, every soldier among us will approach you each in his own way. Our enemies too, according to their own understanding, will ask for protection and for victory. And so, we bow before your infinite wisdom. We offer our prayers as best we can. I pray you watch over the young Jack Geoghegan. That I lead into battle. You use me as your instrument in this awful hell of war to watch over them. Especially if they're men like this one beside me, deserving of a future in your blessing and goodwill. Amen.

2nd Lieutenant Jack Geoghegan: Amen.

Lt. Colonel Hal Moore: Oh, yes, and one more thing, dear Lord, about our enemies, ignore their heathen prayers and help us blow those little bastards straight to Hell. Amen.

Guess what part those PC nazi's decided to snip out. Fuckers.

I got to thinking some more now that the movie is done. There's something I just love about gruff, stoic, hardass military characters. They usually end up being sargeants in most war flicks but almost all of them have one. In this case it was Sam Elliott playing Sargeant-Major Basil Plumley, but it would apply to Tom Sizemore's character in Saving Private Ryan or Lee Emery as the gunnery sargeant in Full Metal Jacket. There's something incredibly admirable about the way they do their jobs with almost an indifference to the immediate possibilty of death. There's nothing like a bloody war to show you what you're really made of at the core of it all. It reminds me of the lyrics from that Mighty Mighty Bosstones song:

I'm not a coward,
I've just never been tested
I'd like to think that if I was, I would pass

Who really knows though? Most of us will never be pushed to that extreme and I seriously doubt most of us would like what we would find if we were.