February 3rd, 2008

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Porn is like drugs

So I was watching tv just now and a couple of those playboy/playgirl commercials came on and it got me thinking. There is really a lot of similarities between porn and drugs. It's been said forever that as far as your brain is concerned, there's not all that much difference between a neurobiological response to drugs than to food or sex or whatever. Dopamine is dopamine in large part.

One interesting thing is that porn seems to show the same tolerance effect as you find with drugs. Soon you need, if not more, then at least the 'stronger' stuff to get the same effect. I mean, think back to the days when you were 14 or something. At that point, it was often a fact of orgasmic joy if you could catch a glimpse of a boobie no matter how briefly or blurry or whatever. Then with years of sex in media and sex online and sex, sex, sex the only thing that's likely to get your motor running is seeing two nuns with strap-ons gang banging a double amputee midget in clown makeup. Certainly, you wouldn't still get the same response if given what you thought was titillating at 14, right?

It's no surprise to me that playboy's circulation numbers have plummeted over the years. For the first time, when someone tells you he buys playboy for the articles, there's actually a better than fair chance he's telling the truth. After all, if he were buying it for the smut, he's obviously going to the wrong place. With just a couple clicks, a brazilian she-male is sucking off a donkey and hey, if you're into that, playboy's never going to match up.

If you think of it that way, porn is almost an arms race of sorts. The goal is to always find the next level of twistedly erotic. The sort of insane crap which makes you reel back in horror before realizing that you can't quite believe Mr Happy just woke up. Just think of all the things that at one time you must've thought was bizzare or unbelievable and now, it's just par for the course. It's almost like we should be issuing merit badges for how far we've climbed the demented porn ladder. Level 1 might be that blurry boobie caught out of the corner of your eye and you don't even want to know what depravity is on level 20. But now you're curious, aren't you.
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