February 5th, 2008

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Death to _old_ feminists

Well, it's finally down to this. It's time for super duper mega tsunami Tuesday. Here we'll finally get to see how things will pan out in the political race, well, up until the next all-decisive event that will make this one insignificant. If you're into this sort of thing, it'll be a full day of the talking heads jabbering overtime as the results filter in. Here's a schedule of when they should be avaliable:

Afternoon: West Virginia

7 p.m.: Georgia

8 p.m.: Alabama, Connecticut, Delaware, Illinois, Massachusetts, Missouri, New Jersey, Oklahoma, Tennessee

8:30 p.m.: Arkansas

9 p.m.: Minnesota, New Mexico, New York, Rhode Island

10 p.m.: Arizona, Colorado, Kansas, Utah

11 p.m.: California

12 a.m.: Idaho, Montana, North Dakota

12:30 a.m.: Alaska

Joisey is on the list of Super Tuesday states but I seriously doubt I'm going to venture out to vote in the primary. I don't think McCain actually needs my help in this one. The RCP poll average shows that he's up by around 18%. It would take some sort of catastrophic choke to even make it a competative race at this point.

Overall, I'm more interested in how the whole Obama/Clinton thing has been shaping up. My interest is based, at least in part, due to running across a whole bunch of crazy-ass feminazi screeds lately. It's pretty interesting if you think about it. Race baiting is incredibly common in this country. It's hard to go more than a week without some high profile case where someone is screaming about racism with varying degrees of justification. American Justice just recently reviewed the OJ Simpson case and I still think the fact that 70% of black america thought that he was innocent at the time while 80% of white america thought he was guilty, says it all. On a sidenote, new polling has shown that first number has dropped over time. Only 40% of blacks now believe that the sociopathic psychokiller was framed by whitey. Yay for progress I guess.

Anyway, I'm getting a bit far afield there. As much as race baiting is a part of our society, I've been pretty amazed that we haven't seen the regular crowd of radicals and professional agitators out there marching about and claiming that The Man is keeping Obama down. I guess that might be because the crazy feminists had already reserved the space ahead of time. They've been crawling out of the woodwork lately writing the most insanity-laced and frothing screeds I've seen in ages. Maybe they're all cycling in tandem and it's a PMS-athon or something. The best part is that in their crazed anger, they're turning to snarl and snap at all their old allies because those heathen misogynists refuse to accept Hillary Clinton as the second coming. I loved this NOW screed against Ted Kennedy when he endorsed Obama. Hilarious.

Today, I ran across an even better example from another raving feminazi from insanity past. Check out Goodbye to All That Part II. The reason this particular rant is getting attention is first because the author is some sort of maven of crazy feminists past, and because this was apparently sent out by Chelsea Clinton in an email forward.

The best part IMO is that there's another jab against Ted Kennedy in this screed as well. "I still recall...a dead girl named Mary Jo Kopechne in Chappaquiddick". I just _love_ that. I can't begin to tell you how much that sort of blatant hypocrisy just makes me grin. All these years as long as Teddy-boy was toeing the line, all the feminazis out there were willing to overlook the fact he basically killed the girl. Then, as soon as he goes out of step, the feminazis once again remember the facts. It's sort of like when Clinton was diddiling interns in the White House. NOW bent over backwards at the time to excuse the behavior. Does anyone think that they would have made the same rational if it had been a republican president or even if it were some CEO with an intern? No, they'd be screaming it was sexual harassment or coersion or whatever. But because it was Billy-boy? Well, he gets a pass. It looks like Ted has lost his immunity. I wonder if Bill ever will.

Edited to add:

I thought a bit more and added the qualifier to the subject line. There might be quite a generation gap in whether feminists are batshit insane or not, at least when it comes to the whole Hillary thing. It's sort of surprising that I haven't heard anything crazy from someone who isn't within a decade of collecting social security. It's as if all the old maids are coming out of the woodwork to spazz all at once. That's pretty unusual if you think about it. Usually it's the younger crowd that's always agitating and spouting bullshit when it comes to feminism. Lets face it, if you're going to run across someone ranting about the patriarchy nowadays, she's usually majoring in women's studies and wearing jack boots.
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The same thing we do every year

I guess I should mention that yesterday was Bill M's birthday. Last Sunday we ended up all going to the resturant again just like last year and the year before that. It's become a yearly tradition of sorts and the event always end up playing about the same each time. The same people (for the most part) and the same sequence of events.

I ended up dropping the ball a bit with not really knowing what the heck to get Bill and so I ended up procrastinating until it was too late. Whatever I decide at this point, it'll have to be belated. As for everyone else, it was an interesting bevy of presents. My personal favorite was Arthur's gift, something titled 'Asian Mind Games'. Hilarious. It makes me want to grab a copy and then find someone with a crazy asian girlfriend to gift it to.

After the meal, everyone stuck around a bit to game a bit. Seeing as it was Superbowl Sunday, the resturant was practically a ghost town anyway so there wasn't an issue with lack of space. The only thing I ended up trying was the new Playroom Entertainment game Bull in a China Shop. It was pretty good, which was frankly sort of surprising. The small playroom games aren't exactly big on quality sometimes when it comes to gaming mechanics. They tend to depend a lot more on theme and the bits. That's not always a horrible thing when marketing games nowadays. I mean, where else can you get a dozen plus plastic figures of surfing cows or little green cthulhu's?