February 24th, 2008

gamer advance wars

Pump it till it pops

Yesterday went pretty spiffy. All in all, it went much better than I had expected. It was time for another Game and Poker day at the Stronghold and I decided to go to make my customary donation to charity in the form of the poker tournament. I dunno why I even bother really. I'm hardly a very good player and I quickly get frustrated with the whole thing. On the plus side, that usually means I start doing stupid stuff and end up washing out pretty early.

What ended up really being nice about the whole day is I popped some steroids before heading over and they, along with 4 or so codeines and a handful of ibuprofen throughout the day, managed to keep me feeling pretty good. Normally I'm only good for 5-6 hours before things start to turn south on me but I ended up there until past 1am.

The other spiffy thing is that Pat and sunfirejade showed up unexpectedly. They don't always make the local events since at a hour commute each way it's not exactly local for them. Pat's a good guy and oftentimes snarky sarcastic bastards. I probbaly find that sort of thing appealing since I can readily relate to it. As for sunfirejade, she's just a sweetie all around. She got more than a weeee bit sloshed at one point and lets just say that evervescent dosen't even begin to sum it up. She was practically running over the top with good cheer. That and she said several very complementary things about me which you have to laud her impeccable judgement and good taste for. It was a little unnerving though. I don't usually have people waxing positive about me. Well, not unless they're going to follow it up by wanting to borrow money or something.

I ended up exiting the poker tournament fairly early, bluffing my way into Hades. I did get to try a buncha new games, the only one I really enjoyed being Freya's Folly. The board reminded me immediately og Dig Dug and I spent several enjoyable moments singing/humming the theme song. Apparently Eileen has never played Dig Dug before and was not amused by the fact that the next 2-3 people who came by to look at the board made the exact same comment. I can only assume she had a deprived childhood when it came to video arcades.

All in all, the socializing was much more interesting than the gaming overall. Just about everyone was there so we often just had a big yak-fest going. Oh, maigrey won the poker tourney in the end. It had been her first time playing there to boot. The funny thing was that right after she told me she had won, I stumbled into other people bitching about her in another room. I guess not everyone loves a winner.