February 25th, 2008

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Forget couples counseling. It's pistols at dawn.

So at least a couple of people on the ol' friends list have mentioned getting into tussels with the significant other lately. Partly, this entry is for you since you can read this and know that no matter how dysfunctional or fucked up your relationship can be at times, you'll probably never meet or cross this line (On a sidenote, if you _have_ crossed this line, let me know. I could use a good laugh). The other motivation is I just find the article hilariously succinct. This is one case where just a couple hundred words is worth a thousand pictures in my mind.

Police: Boyfriend on roof punches weaving driver

HAVERSTRAW, New York (AP) -- A man fighting with his girlfriend clung to a car roof and punched her through the window as she drove more than a mile on a busy road, hitting several other cars, police said.

Both were hurt in the brawl Saturday and were arrested, police Sgt. Manfredo Figueroa said.

The man, William Kremer, apparently jumped onto the car and held on as girlfriend Stacey Sperrazza wove along Route 202 with the car's air bag inflated, police said. She eventually stopped the car and hit him with it, police said.

Sperrazza, 37, of Stony Point, was arrested on a felony charge of reckless endangerment. Kremer, 42, of Haverstraw, was arrested on a misdemeanor assault charge.

No telephone numbers could be found for the two. Police had no immediate information early Sunday on whether they had lawyers.

He was treated for a foot injury, she for eye and head wounds, police said.

It's like the dysfunctional hall of fame here. I wonder if they can use the excuse that they were just re-enacting a scene from Mr and Mrs Smith or something along those lines. I also like how that one sentence is phrased so you could interpret it as she picked up the car and whacked him with it.

Oh, I should also add that I just got an email notice from Dell that my laptop is finally shipping. Yay. I should be getting it Wednesday at the earliest. It should be pretty spiffy and I'm looking forward to setting it up. It'll probably also mean that I'll get around to watching a lot more movies and old tv shows. It should be a lot easier on me if I don't have to sit in front of the desktop and there are plenty of things I've had queued for ages. If nothing else, I guess I should actually get around to seeing Firefly and Serenity. The hype has finally died down and now I can see it. The huge number of people gushing about it made me want to puke. It's only a tv show and movie people. It's not a religion or anything.
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It's kinda sad really. I can't help but think about how many more I could have taken down just 5 years ago or so before I really got all decrepit. Still, I imagine it all balances out. I wasn't nearly as pissed off and bitter then as I am now. I might have actually had some qualms about ripping off a 5 year old's head and bathing in his blood.
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Waiting for a Marion Barry moment

"Transparency" - Hillary Clinton's New Strategy on FunnyOrDie.com

It's funny really. You watch this whole Obama thing and you just know that however it ends, it's going to be a barrel of monkeys. Just think for a moment about how pissed off Hillary must be that this jumped-up, nobody is about to steal the nomination that is rightly hers. I'm just praying at this point that her ego and sense of entitlement is big enough that she goes scorched earth at some point. Winning dirty is better than losing clean, right? I mean, this is politics.

It's going to be funny to watch Obama fall, even if he wins the nomination. People who promise transcendental change always manage to fall off their pedastals when they fail to deliver. The idea that it'll all be happiness and light once he's elected is hilarious. I might not like Hillary, but I'm just as cynical as she is when it comes to my view of politics.