March 2nd, 2008

no hippies

Fucking hippies

I loathe hippies. I hate them with every fiber of my being. I wish I could stomp them all to death.

And, yesterday, I was forced to endure almost two hours of hippie crap at Randy's movie night. The event featured Across the Universe, a musical based on nothing but Beatles songs. In that way, I guess it follows in the footsteps of Mama Mia and Steppin' Out with many of the same weaknesses. Basically, it's a nostalgia trip down memory lane for fans of the music. For those who weren't fans, we get treated to badly plotted crap that's been mashed together to fit song lyrics.

It wasn't a total loss however. There were a couple of plus points. First, I got to make snarky and obnoxious comments throughout the entire film and that's always enjoyable. I'm not sure those who watched the movie with me would agree with that assessment though. Second, the correography was spiffy. It reminded me of West Side Story where people walking along would just spontaneously break into dance sequences.

All that being said, I still loathe hippies and I would have been happier if the movie was a shooter where you could pop characters with light guns and watch them die. The entire era makes me want to vomit. It probably dosen't help that I have almost zilch exposure to the music of the period. Of the Beatles songs in the film, at least 90% was probably new to me. At best I would recognize snippets here and there, usually from their use in advertisements and the like. Overall, I wasn't all that impressed with the music either. I am the Walrus? WTF?

After Across the Universe we watched Superbad, which was much more spiffy. I was a little concerned it was going to end up being unmitigated crap like so many coming of age, must get laid before highschool ends, movies. I think it's altogether possible that some of those penis drawings will never again leave my mind. Ecspecially the one of the penis in Tiananman Square standing in front of the tank. I mean, WTF?

I guess it's also just a sad sign that I'm now old and decrepit, but all the girls in the flick looked like they were 12. I thought the whole thing was that teenagers nowadays are supposed to look so much older than their actual ages. This is probably one reason I always end up being wildly wrong on age guessing games. Welp, at least it's better to mistakenly believe they're younger rather than older. You don't usually see many people saying, I swear I thought she was 12, officer.
discworld vetinari

I can already smell the sulfer

And if you don't believe that the news media is pulling for Obama over Hillary, you just have to take at the latest photo that Reuters released from the campaign trail.

They should have people write their own captions for an image like that.